The Up, Side, Down, Game


^: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Basically the whole movie. “Gets worse?! How could it possibly get any worse? Take a look around you Ellen! WE’RE AT THE THRESHOLD OF HELL!”

<: eating double dipped chocolate peanuts, Happy Valentine’s Day to me

V: What have you owned for years even though it’s useless, and can’t bring yourself to throw out?


^: Probably some old LEGO’s. They bring back the memories.
<: Just surfin’ the web. (Speaking of which, anyone know where to find some good articles or blogs about film-making?)
V: Favorite VGHS quote?


^: It’s probaply somewhere between here
<: It’s carnaval time here in the netherlands, going to put on my costume and head south to my family, as we do every year.
v: If you could, who would you like to cosplay as?


^: Probably Sheik, a Gerudo, the Winter Soldier (I have a long cosplay list)
<: Making a family tree for Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain (yay Spanish class)
v: What is your favorite super hero team?


^: The Avengers hands down, now with Spiderman! lol :smiley:
<: listening to music from for a score for my new project.
V: If you only had two options 1) being that you could never cut your hair again, or 2) be bald for the rest of your life, what would you pick?


^: Never cut my hair again, I like it too much lol
<: eating lunch between classes
v: wheres someplace you’d like to visit?


^: america, i’d like to see if it really is the home of the free and land of the brave
<: browsing badass digest
v: what’s your ideal protagonist for a film?


^: My ideal film protagonist right now is any well-written, compelling character that isn’t all of these things at the same time: cis/hetero/abled/mid-to-upper class/white/male.

<: Writing a newsletter, yay.

v: Burger or pizza?


^ BBQ Chicken Pizza!

<: Singing :musical_score: :smile:

V: Weekend plans?


^: be sick, stop being sick, film something?
<: Sad that my sickness lines up exactly with my day off.
v: What’s the most exiting upcoming piece of technology (e.g oculus rift, virtuix omni, 3D printers?)


^: hololens or those 3D holographic gaming mats (not sure what they’re called); as a D&D player, those are really exciting
<: I have the house to myself! Going snowboarding!
v: What sport would you like to get into?


^i’d like to get into E Sports

<: playing dota 2

V: what do you want to do in life?


^: right now I’d just like an agent to ask for my full manuscript.
<: have the pre Oscars on :smile:
V: if you could be the inventor of one thing what would it be?


^: the world peace device would be nice
<: being sunburned
v: who does your oscar for best picture go to?


^: out of all of them ive only seen Birdman, So Birdman

<: thinking of what to do

V: how do you fix not going to sleep at normal times?


^: Hard reset. Whenever my sleep pattern gets off track by a significant amount - like I want to be going to sleep at 11:00 pm, but haven’t been able to fall asleep until 3 or 4 am - I stay up all night for a night. Then the next evening I’m absolutely exhausted, and can fall asleep at the time I want. That’s just what I do, ymmv.

<: Just got out of a meeting where I explained social media wave feminism to my coworkers.

v: To you, what’s the most important charitable cause?


^: If by Charitable you mean give money I would say to diabetes research. My Dad died from heart disease brought on by compilations of diabetes. There’s a lot we don’t known and it makes me mad when people say its a “fat persons disease.” Now all that said if you mean just a good cause to get behind I think gender identity discrimination. There are a lot of people who do not see themselves as the gender they were born with and have to deal with a lost of terrible things. Ok off my soapbox.
<: Writing off and on on my book.
V: If you could live on one spaceship from a sci-fi show/movie what would it be?


^: The firefly class vessel known as Serenity.
<: About to drive home.
v: What world from a Fantasy series (Books/TV/Movies/Games) would you like to visit if you could?


^: So many great options…probably Middle Earth. I would find Legolas :heart_eyes:
<: Turning in my computer programming homework
v: What is your favorite character archetype?


^: I like mentor archetypes.

<: At work, waiting for my client to get out of a meeting so we can talk community. EDIT: fun update, still waiting an hour later. sigh

v: What’s your least favorite color?