The Up, Side, Down, Game


^: #B29542 (eugh)
<: Relaxing and not worrying about editing anything for a while
v: Favourite genre of music?


^: I have several: Reggae, Electronica, Hip-hop, and Imagine Dragons style music.
<: About to begin writing the second draft of a short I am planning to film on Sunday.
v: Favorite movie genre?


^: Comedy, everyone can do with a good laugh
<: Being relatively productive
v: Do you have a Magnum Opus, if so, what is it?


^: [Probably this][1], for better or worse.

<: asdfghjklkjhwiehfj, this is an awful day/week. I kind of want to cry right now, but I am still at work and that would be very unprofessional.

v: What does the fox say?


^[quote=“Nick, post:244, topic:592”]

<: little tired, work last night lasted till 4:15 am, home at 5 had to leave the house again at 9:30 am. Just chilling and reading the forum for a bit now.

v: what is your favorite kind of chocolate?


^: It used to be milk chocolate (I still love it) but now I kind of like a bit of elegant dark chocolate. Fancy.
<: Just got back from a soccer game 2 hours ago, chilling and about to do some sound designing stuff.
v: Favorite RocketJump short(s)?


^: I love pimp my horse, I laughed so much!
<: I’m rendering a video on 3DS Max and watching some interviews on youtube.
v: Which country do you absolutely want to visit?


^: America, apparently it’s a pretty cool place.
<: Procrastinating, procrastinating intensely
v: what’s your favorite piece of literature


^: That’s a hard one, and it changes on my mood. But for now its got to be Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
<: Just got back from the store. My old keyboard gave up the ghost and the whole left side stopped working lol.
V: If you could make a wish to suddenly have a new ability (paint, play and instrument, so on) what would you pick.


^: Can I have the power of flight?
<: Mother’s day, just home from the festivities. Unwinding with some Strokes and RJ forums.
V: If you could have dinner with anybody living or dead, who would you have dinner with and why?


^: That’s such a hard one. Get ready for a loophole. So I would have dinner with Quentin Tarantino - at a Hollywood party. Which means that not only can I meet Tarantino, but there is going to be a ton of film industry people there, who I could meet.
<: It’s been a long day sitting and staring at my computer monitor, now going to relax and listen to the Facerocker podcast.
v: Favorite Facerocker podcast episode?


^: easily the CorridorDigital one
<:attempting to become Samuel L Jackson
v: what’s your best party trick?


^ I can murder someone in the party then rewind time so i didnt actually murder them… but ofc noone believes me.

< sweating my bollocks off, it shouldn’t be this hot in england.

v what is the temperature where you are.


^ 297,5 K or something like that
< off to fencing training in half an hour, getting my things and having a quick browse on the interwebs. trying to relax a little, final exams begin tomorow :sweat_smile:
v: What do you like most about spring?


^: Flowers, the weather.

<: GOOD LUCK ON FINALS @Jasper_Cloud!! I’m taking a lunch break right now.

v: What made you frustrated this week?


^: Ending the last season of VGHS and understanding there is nothing else to do with life now (joking… kind of)
<: Getting ready to have dinner then play some CS GO and learn from RJFS
V: If you found out a new colour, how would you name it?


^: Ask other people what they think it should be called
<: Mourning over the end of VGHS
V: What is your favorite VGHS episode?


^: episode 3 of season 3, Not only was it full of brilliant moments it was the first episode that i actually got to watch as soon as it came out.
<: Attempting to be productive but failing immensely
v: what’s your favorite genre of music?


^: So hard to choose one: classic rock, symphonic metal, Celtic to name a few
<: Listening to epic Celtic music and trying to write a valedictorian speech
V: For the artists out there: What is your favorite medium?


^: Paint, generally acrylic if I’m doing something where I can use my hands instead of brushes or knives. If fingerprinting isn’t an option, I also like ink.

<: Going shopping for something I can look my preferred level of androgynous in for my graduation.

V: Biggest pet peeve?