The Up, Side, Down, Game


^: People leaving their shopping carts in parking spaces/around the back of the store/across the street at another store/on the highway a quarter of a mile away.

<: Waiting for a Destiny update to finish.

v: Favorite Mythological Pantheon? (Greco Roman, Egyptian, Norse, etc…)


^: Probably greek, It’s inspired a lot of cool stuff
<: Listening to podcasts
v: What’s the greatest prank you’ve ever pulled?


^: That’s a tough one. I’ve pulled some awesome scare pranks on friends and family, but I don’t recall to do other great pranks.
<: Just sitting at my computer and enjoying a cloudy Sunday morning.
v: favorite film director of all time?


^: There are plenty that I like but if I have to say one, it would be Christopher Nolan. Just check his filmography : Memento, batman trilogy, inception, interstellar…almost all his movies are very highly ranked. The guy is very far ahead.
<: Watching TV.
v: What is you favorite anime/manga?


^: That’s too big a question and I have no answer :stuck_out_tongue:

<: Trying to find a place within an hour drive of me that makes super authentic pupusas because I have an awful craving.

V: What color is the sky where you are right now?


^:black… Its raining and its night.

<: Looking at other peoples entries in a competition and seeing “that one” that could beat me .

V: How much do you worry when your competing in something?


^. I worry a lot when I’m in a competition

<. Working on scripts and watching top gear

V. What was your first car?


^: I don’t know yet

<: editing my last scene for an amateur film and getting disctracted constantly

v: What was the first movie you can remember seeing?


^: The Lion King. In a theater. (Gods, I feel old)

<: Making pasta

v: Favorite anime of 2015?


^ Danmachi

< watching hunter x hunter (again)

V favourite anime ever?


^ Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
<watching my brother play bloodborne
V what was the first movie you ever made about


^ Right now currently nothing, i’m waiting to get a dslr t3i or t5i and going to bowling green. Look for some actors, crew, such as a make-up person, and find someone on campus taht can tell me whether or not i’ll be able to use certain buildings for shoot.
< Eating pizza
v What kind of camera do you use if you have one?


^: Panasonic DMC G6, not perfect, but she’s reliable and gets a good resolution.
<: Watching my friend play League of Legends over his shoulder
v: What is your least favorite film?


^the weatherman staring nicholas cage, i dont know why but it was so dull and boring i wanted to kill myself

< watching hunter x hunter

V do you like your life?


^: Yeah, I do. Sometimes I wonder, if I had the chance to do things over, and could spare myself the less-than-pleasant moments of my life and fix the things I regret, would I do it? For a while now, the answer has been no, because I wouldn’t want to compromise the life I’ve built with my partner and the path I’m on now. Not that my life is ideal by any means, but I’m content enough now that I can accept the road I took to get here. Does that make sense? Idk.

<: It’s finals week! My last finals week ever! EVER!!! Unless I end up going to grad school in the future, but let’s not think about that now.

V: Seven carrots or one potato?


^: One potato probably, just sounds more tastier to me haha.
<: Just surfin’ the web.
v: What is one word that can describe your personality?


^: odd
<: Watching Daredevil (after that movie who would have thought this show would be so good!)
V: A) you get a million dollars at the end of every year, BUT whenever you enter a room at some point you will get slapped.

B) The ability to fly, But you can only fly north.


^: A, I think after a while you’d get used to being slapped in the face
<: Being sad at photoshop
v: What’s your favorite thread on the forums at the moment?


^: That is a hard one. (That’s what she said.) I probably have to go with several: This one, The Would You Rather Game, Introduce Yourself, Recommended Reading/Viewing, and some other small threads I’ve been on lately.
<: Still surfin’ the web.
v: Favorite Spielberg film?


^ oh that’s tough but I’m going to have to say “The adventures of tintin” just because I grew up having my dad read the books to me and they were such a big part of my childhood and Spielberg did such an amazing job with the film.
< being lonely on the ps4 planetside 2 beta (if any of you have beta keys you should get on and play)
V if you could adapt anything into a movie what would it be?