The Up, Side, Down, Game


^: I have a few ideas, but I think Devil May Cry needs a movie. My brother and I have been doing some dream casting.
<: Looking for Season 1 of VGHS so I can watch it.
v: What is your favorite Marvel movie?


^techinically not a movie but Daredevil is my favorite MCU project (Frank Castle season 2 FTW) but if you make me pick movie I would say age of ultron.
<soaking my feet after work and considering a career change
V dogs or cats?


^: dogs, dogs for life.
<: Reading up on the aftermath of r/TheButton
v: what’s your favorite song at the moment?


^: “Libera me” from hell, a song from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! haha
<: editing a short film for my buddy.
v: whats the one thing you wish you could own?


^: Fallout 4 right now.
<: keeping an eye on the E3 live cast and counting down to 6pm.
V:Who’s the best sidekick of all time?


^: Robin. Wait, no. Buzz! Or John Watson.
<: Listening to Little Green Cars’ Absolute Zero album.
V: Favorite band/musical artist right now?


^: Currently I am really digging Fall Out Boy.
<: Working on a script for a short film/sketch I am doing tomorrow.
v: Favorite comedy channel on YouTube?


^: HAWP or The Escapist (seeing as it’s practically just the Zero Punctuation channel) also, Tomska’s sketches are quite a bit of fun.
<: Trying to spell Andromadon properly
v: What are you most exited for in the future?


^: Probably technology, and how it’s going to affect filmmaking.
<: Listening to an old facerocker, the one with Key and Peele.
v: If you could have dinner with one of the RJ employees, who would it be and why?


^: @JoeyScoma because we could have 2 meals
<: going to take a shower and hit the bed early, tomorow it’s do or die for my mathematics final exam.
v: what would you do if you’d win 25 dollars?


^: ??? I do not know. As little as possible, probably.

<: Getting ready to get on a plane.

V: Did you have a particular loathing for any activity/game when you were a kid, and if so, what and why?


^ Yes. Sharks Vs. Minnows. The game goes like this: there’s a bunch of “minnows” on one side, and then there’s the sharks in the middle. The Minnows must travel to one side, and the sharks must chase after everyone and turn them into sharks. It was terrifying because it’s basically the kid-friendly zombie apocalypse and I knew that every time I’d cross the gym, more and more of my friends would be taken under by their inevitable fate, until I was the only last one in the gym, with every single friend I loved now ready to betray me.
I took games very seriously back then. They were my lifeforce. I would grieve in lost every time I lost to my sister in a game of Yahtzee.
<: I am currently avoiding work, because we’re preparing the house for my sister’s graduation party. I should be vacuuming the floors.
/: Have you ever been hit with a boom mike?


^: Yes, the worst bit was that i was operating it at the time. (I didn’t hit myself though)
<: Listening to a podcast
v: If you could change one aspect of a movie, what would you change?


^: The Phantom Menace. Make it never exist.Or make it good, but that’s WAY more than one change.
<: Texting a girl I like, listening to Beirut (an awesome band). It’s all good!
v: Favorite film genre (Sci-Fi, Western, Etc.)?


^: crime drama
<: enjoying post convention relaxation time and preparing to budget a film festival
V: What was the first movie you remember seeing?


^ Herbie the Love bug on VHS.
< Having to wash everything, turns out I’m allergic to the bug spray I bought :confused:

V: If you could live on any fictional planet what planet would it be?


^: Solaris
<: Listening to some female vocal dubstep in the morning.
V: Favorite time of the day?


^: every time has its perks but I’ll pick the morning when I have nothing to do and can just lay in bed lol
<: Watching Freddie and Matt on Periscope
v:If you could bring your favorite fictional universe into our world which would it be?


^: Footloose, you can solve every problem you’ll ever have with the power of dance!
<: Enjoying 5 minutes of "down time"
v: What is your favorite scene from any film?


^: I have lots. One of them is the scene from Zoolander where Derek and Hansel have a dance-off.
<: Cleaning my room for like 3 hours now.
v: Favorite Spielberg film?