The Up, Side, Down, Game


^: TOO MANY!!! But I guess I could say I loved Close Encounters of the Third Kind the most.
<: Listening to Nightwish’s "Scaretale"
V: Is J.J. Abrams right for Star Wars?


^: Short answer: Yes. Just watch Super 8, that’s all the proof I needed. Pay no attention to how Not-Star Trek his Star Trek movies are, he made them more Star Wars-y anyway.
<: Going thrift shopping in a bit, packing for camp and listening to music right now.
v: Ant-Man, yay or nay?


^: Yay! Ant-Man looks funny and creative!
<: I’m revising a chapter of a story so I can read it at writer’s group tonight.
V: Thomas Edison: Brilliant or Overrated?


^: Brilliant. He’s not really overrated and he isn’t talked about all that much. Sure he may be a bit overrated, but for the most part brilliant.
v: Catching up on social media.
<: Favorite Tarantino film?


^: Django Unchained, it’s very Tarantino without being gratuitously so.
<: Meds & Coffee
v: Favorite Filmmaker


^:Steven Spielberg! I know it’s “generic”, but I love a lot of his movies, including the unpopular ones (i.e Duel, The Sugarland Express)
<: Just woke up, deciding what to do today.
V: Best episode of VGHS?


^: The final episode of Season 3. Yup.
<: Enjoying the nice overcast Saturday.
v: Favorite weather?


^: Fog. Fog beats everything.
<: Woke up, deciding what to do today beyond “procrastinate”.
V: Last book you read?


^: Star Trek the Romulan War To Brave the storm (good book)
<: Drinking coffee and eating pizza lol
V: Favorite starship class that’s not a hero ship. i.e Nebula class from Start Trek.


^: I love the Star Wars TIE Interceptor, or the Lambda Class Shuttle (The one the Emperor arrives in).
<: Listening to the Little Comets, they’re so good! Also pumped to be leaving for camp tomorrow.
v: Favorite movie/video-game weapon?


^: The classic lightsaber!
<: Just got done watching Edge of Tomorrow. Really good movie!
v: Favorite movie with Tom Cruise?


^: Not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, but I definitely enjoyed Rain Man
<: Hanging out and playing FIFA
v: worst movie you have ever seen


^: Hard to say, there’s been a lot of movies that I didn’t care for. The Last Airbender is the first that comes to mind, since it’s the first movie that I recognized was bad (and I didn’t even watch the anime!)
<: Finished church service, waiting for “Top 10 Annoying Enemies in Video Games” by SpaceHamster to finish buffering.
V: A remake that shouldn’t be remade, and a movie that needs a remake badly.


^ terminator genisys should have not been made and I think last air bender needs a remake to do it justice.
< watching American Dad and eating Oreos
V favorite Pixar movie?


^: favorite full film is probaply wall-e or brave or the incredibles or monsters inc or whatever pixar movie I can think of next I like a lot of them, favorite short film the blue umbrella
<: just got home from my last day of five days in a row of working at the castle, most days I’ve worked there in a row ever also did the longest shift I ever did there; 15 hours. just chilling now.
v: what is the last stream you watched?


^: Well, I was in the woods and came across a nice stream. Sat and watched that for a bit. The water was really cold. (different stream, I know)
<: Just watched Jurassic Park. Now I’m going to clean my room so I can go to bed.
V: Favorite pantheon? (Greek, Roman, Mayan, Egyptian, Babylonian, etc.)


^ Classical Chinese, tudi gong, Mazu, guan yu, etc
< playing destiny
v is it better to be an unstoppable force or an immovable object?


^: an unstopable force because you’re moving and you’re not stuck in one place; you’re going somewhere and somewhere might be an exciting place to go.
<: recovering from work, going to have the last fencing training of the season tonight and my feet still hurt like hell.
v: What is the last thing you saw that made you stop and think “damn! nature is beautiful!”? (or something along those lines)


^: I live in the North Georgia mountains. Went on my walk the other day and saw the clouds role in over the valleys, beautiful.
<: Just sent a cover letter to Analog Sic-fi magazine. (crosses fingers)
V: Best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.


^: I’m typically not a coffee drinker, but the eyeglass place I go too used to have free brewing coffee that came in delicious flavors like vanilla, hazelnut…,it was good stuff
<: Finished cleaning the kitchen for my chores (it always takes way too long). Once my parents come home from a doctor’s appointment (hopefully, Mom is cancer-free!), I’ll call a lawn-mowing business to see if they’ll hire 16+
V: First job you got, and how did you get it?