The Up, Side, Down, Game


^ Slinging burgers for $8.50 an hour (still work there). I got the job from answering an add online.
< making myself a burger after getting off of work making other people burgers all day.
V favorite food?


^: PASTA!!! with cheese!
<: Not much at the moment. In two days I’m choreographing a fight scene (yeah, I’m really late for that assignment…).
V: Strangest phone call you got?


^: I got this one phone call asking if I was the manager of a car dealership nearby… I said yes, and continued the conversation in a deep voice. The guy went on to talk about his car and what it needs in terms of repair for a while. Finally, I said, “Let me discuss this with my cat.” I hung up. Life achievement right there.
<: About to go to bed, tomorrow I’m shooting and starting to edit a 4th of July special. :smile:
v: What kind of tricks can you do on a trampoline? ( I can only front flip and do this thing called a rollypolly, and my friend tried to teach me how to back flip today but I just couldn’t do it haha.)


^ I thought I was pretty cool being able to do a kind of like front somersault thing until I met my friend Sarah who is an arial fabric dancer who could do like triple backflips and shit and totally crushed any impression I had of myself being gymnastic
< syncing the new RJFS July schedule to my colander and getting super hype
V what is the most surprisingly emotional movie you’ve seen?


^: Flight. The way the Trailer played I thought it was going to be a dramady. Noooo. But very good.
<: just got done cutting the grass and salting it (keep bugs down). Now lunch!
V: Most underrated 80’s movie.


^: I think Indiana Jones is rated exactly as it deserves, but I pick it anyways.

<: Taking a break from house stuff. Who wants to do my dishes? Or buy me a dishwasher, either way.

v: Favorite pokemon?


^ Dragonite
< Watching primitive technology and wondering why they didn’t teach that to me in Boy Scouts
v Favorite trilogy?

Where Should I start

^ the matrix

< hungover

v would you fall asleep for 100 years if you could (you wouldnt age)


^ No, because i would need to learn too much new info to be on the same level of knowledge as modern people and even more to be even little bit above. (Also, it could be different understanding of morale.)

< Watching AE tutorials

v Favorite story of PC game?


^: I don’t personally play videogames for the story, but I liked Half-Life 2’s.

<: CONFIRMING EMPLOYMENT. Do you have any idea how nice it is to be employed again? I’ll be able to cover my living expenses again and THAT FEELS SO GOOD.

v: What’s the first username you ever had, for anything?


^: my first ever username was for my YouTube channel, “coolgibsonsp”. Wow.
<: Being awesome
v: Favorite song?


^: ooooo that’s a hard one, A pirate looks at 40 by Jimmy Buffet.
<: Avoiding writing a lesson plain for my class. lol
V: Best screen writer, ever… Of all time… In the history of screen writers… If you had to pick-
*crowd yells


^ i have no idea tbh xD

< recovering from lastnight

V if you had to wear one colour for the rest of you life what would it be?


^: Gray, which currently makes up 80% of my wardrobe at least, and is good for all seasons.

<: Watching house hunters and eating lunch.

v: How excited for Pokemon Go are you, on a scale of 1 to GOTTA CATCH EM ALL?


^ honestly not at all
< avoiding work on set
V marvel or dc


^: DC, They do some cool stuff, but Marvel is looking pretty good these days too.
<: attempting to finish some edits through a haze of sleep deprivation & procrastination.
v: are you a dog person or a cat person?


^ a dog person but i have cats.

< watching the latest episode of one piece

v wheres the last place you went out of the country and when?


^ Never been abroad.
< Installing new C4D libraries
v What you would choose: traveling in several countries or visiting just one, but for a longer term?


^: See more then one! I’d like to see it all lol
<: Getting back to normal
V: What’s the best thing you’ve seen in the past 6 month?

P.S. been off writing a book! but now I’m back baby :smiley:


^ That’s so vague um I think I went to a play “The Nutcracker” live and it was a pretty amazing performance but I watched some VGHS these past months so I’m not too sure :joy:
< Listening to the Youth Filmaker Podcast
V Have you ever made a video?