The Up, Side, Down, Game


^: I’m not - I mean I love consuming film-based media don’t get me wrong, I just don’t personally want to create it (I’m not that artistically or technically gifted or inclined, whoops). As far as watching film goes – ever since Star Wars. WHAT A GREAT FRANCHISE TO WATCH AS A 7 YEAR OLD. HOW MIND-BLOWING.

<: Taking care of my pneumonia-filled sister, cool fun times. Also, it’s her birthday. Sucks to be that child.

v: Would you rather have your fingernails removed or only have internet access for 15 minutes a day?


^ Tough one. Probably fingernails removed.
< Designing sound for a very short upcoming sketch
v What is something that you are proud of, but other people are not?


^: My collection of small turtle figurines. Yes. Leave me alone.

<: Eating bread, trying to not do chores.

v: Least favorite animal?


^: Opossum solely because the O in the beginning kept messing me up when I was little haha
<: Sitting in my editing class back into the grind
v:What skill do you have that you are most proud of?


^ Probably Video editing, VFX, being comfortable on camera, especially for my age. (13)
< Just got back from a News Cast try out, and made it! (School News Cast)
v In a film, is it more important to have amazing cinematography or amazing story and plot? (Yes there is a dif. between story and plot! :P)


^: Uhh… yes. Would I rather see a great story executed poorly or a terrible plot shot beautifully? I wouldn’t want to see either, really. I have to say, I see a lot of movies that really collapse plot-wise, so I guess I’m more used to that, but it’s still massively disappointing. It’s more important to have both.

<: Currently in class. A+ Student Award goes to me. Did you know arboreal cats can rotate their feet almost 180 degrees? Weirdly flexible ankles.

v: Favorite gaming platform?


^: Has to be the Xbox need to get an Xbox One!

<: Lying down Foruming and just thinking about how many problems I have that aren’t really problems! :smile:

V: What did you get for Christmas? :blush:


^: DUDE I was so happy I got a Cannon 70D so I can film my stuff now my first actually camera with lenses hahah
<: Watching ANIME!!! :smiley:
v: Lets see what everyone else got too lol What did you get for Christmas? or over the holidays if you don’t celebrate that lol


^: Bought myself a pretty sweet leather jacket. I’m a sucker for oxblood-colored clothing.

<: Sitting in class again. “You can get by on one kidney, you just have to be careful. Just like you can kill off half a species and it might be okay.” -Conservation biology professor

v: Would you rather be able to control crayons telepathically or teleport up to 20 feet at a time?.


^:Years ago, I brainstormed a Heroes fanfic featuring a character with short range teleportation (though, my character leaves a trail of spacial distortion in his wake), so yeah. 20 foot teleportation for me.
<: Taking a late meal break at work. Animal Crackers & bad coffee…
v: What videogame has frustrated you the most in your life?


^: the Magicka series has been quite irritating to me due to having to get used to MOBA controls every time i play it and much like the humble dark souls it can get punishingly difficult. still a fun game though.
<: deciding on whether to watch Mad Men S2 or Back to the Future 2.
V: what is your favorite genre (film, games or both) and why?


^: My favorite genre of game… either sandbox or puzzle. Probably sandbox. Okay, it’s sandbox. For film, it’s a toss up between comedy, action, and documentary.

<: Eating fruit snacks and helping my partner with his probability homework.

v: To steal a bit of Doc’s question, what’s your favorite TV show genre?


^: Comedy Sitcom
<: Just finished Laurens story The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy* And asked Benji to start the next one… So I’m currently just hangin.
V: What is your favorite day/month/season of the year?


^: I’m rather fond of nice summery weather but my heart belongs with spring.
<: Going to school now and thinking about a movie; @Nick have you seen “what we do in the shadows”? great mockumentary! (to mix your preferences up a bit)
v: do you prefer thin or thick books and why?


^ Depends on how good the book is.
< Currently preparing to shoot a video on the weekend. (Sound, figuring things out with my VFX artist, etc.)
V: What is your dream job?


^: Community management. I’M LIVING THE DREAM and I’m not even out of school. Guess who answered 150 emails today? :slight_smile:

<: Just got home from work, about to make dinner. (Thanks for the suggestion Jasper!)

V: If you got to dance around on stage at a concert, which concert would it be?


^: none cause I don’t go to concerts nor do i like to dance.
<: sitting in class editing
v: What would you rather be doing right now?


^: Anything but school
<: sitting in physics Foruming and Tweeting
v: What do you love?


^: Girls, film making, video games, friends and life hahaha
<: Still editing this project
v: If you had to do one thing forever what would you do?


^: have fun (Ha! dodged that dillema!)
<: watching the newest facerocker
v: what starwars movie do you like best?