The Up, Side, Down, Game


V: All of them! But if I had to choose… probably return of the Jedi
<: Currently doing math homework, and I also have to study for a math quiz which is on Thursday. But I hope to do some scripting tonight for my next video.
v: What is your least favorite subject in school?


^: I remember not liking math back in the day, but we’ve made peace. I don’t have a huge amount of love for history classes that don’t focus on the cool stuff (aka that don’t talk about ladies, medicine, ladies in medicine, queer ladies, ladies of color, disabled ladies).

<: Learning about syntactic universals! So, in class.

V: Which 2 languages would you like to instantly speak fluently in addition to your native language?


^: Chinees and Elvish (the one being practical, the other fantastical)
<: breakfasting, gonna go to school within minutes
V: What is the country that you most want to visit that isn’t your own?


^: Either England, because England is brilliant, or America, so i can meet up with all the cool YouTubers!
<: Attempting to photoshop.
V: what is your favorite genre of music


^: Don’t have one if i like it i’ll listen to it
<: just got home from school
v: Favorite internet video ever of all time


^: Has to be this ah those were the days

<: Just doing Music Theory homework
V: Favorite piece of RJ merch?


^ havent really looked at any of the merch, but i’d say that boardgame they made looked pretty interesting

< still awake at 5am, watching house of cards

V whats the longest youve ever stayed up, (how many hours/days)


^ 36 hours… It was fun till after about 24 hours, then I really wanted to sleep.

< just foruming about to go search for memes about Doctor Who

V What is one thing you think should exist. (Space ships,a moon base,superman…)


^: short range teleportation or time manipulation devices. undeniably the most useful things that could ever exist.
<: attempting to write a challenging script.
V: if you could turn anything into a time machine, what would it be? (eg: Delorean, phone box, etc)


^: My bed. Because that’s my safe zone and 100% where I want to spend time.

<: Class. “Diseases are like… Okay who here has been to a museum? It’s like that one outcast piece of art that’s like… Beautiful but totally gross.” Ah, evolutionary medicine.

V: Would you rather have teeth that grow as quickly as hair or two rows of normal teeth on both the bottom and top of your mouth, one behind the other?


^: The second option!
<: Uploaded a video to YouTube 40 minutes ago, now responding to comments, etc, and going to script a new video soon.
V: What is your favorite book of all time?


^: “Over een kleine mol die wil weten wie er op zijn kop gepoept heeft” or in english “The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business” BEST. BOOK. EVER!
<: just back from school, doing some drawing/doodling (gonna post it here later and it’s also rocketjump themed)
v: what would you like to do if you could get everyone on this forum to the same location?


^: I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE EVERYONE A HUG!!! (or handshake or high-five or smile depending on what a person finds most comfortable!!!)

<: Lunch break! I’ve never had my lunches paid for as part of a short-term, hourly contract before. WHAT A DELICIOUS BENEFIT

V: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you this week?


^: I had a pretty good week so nothing really embarrassing happened lol sorry
<: sitting in class working on After Effects and obviously on the RJ community!
v: lets go pretty basic, how are you doing?


^: Doing well actually! Working on two projects at once.
<: Working on two videos, talking with my assistant VFX artist, watching YouTube videos. That’s the life!
V: What age were you when you made your first video that you weren’t embarrassed to share with everyone?


^ : 16 High School English project to make a commercial book report summary
< : Debating on working on more superbowl themed Motion Graphics just for portfolio
/ : What is your fav visual effect?


^: either the iron man suit or Freddie’s guns’ muzzle flash from Bev- Rage
<: just had an unsuccessful pitch but still 1st AD in another film
V: what is your favorite sound


^: My own singing. Ahaha I’m so vain.

<: Trying to get my partner to put down the math textbook and let us go to sleep.

v: What’s your least favorite character archetype?


^: The Innocent…naive acts just really grinds my gears

<: eating taco bell in my car in the parking lot of my job. The Life!

V: who’s your most underrated actor/actress


^: Anna Torv. I haven’t seen her since Fringe.

<: Watching Big Bang Theory and making a character for Dungeons and Dragons.

V: Who is your favorite Batman?