The Up, Side, Down, Game


^: Kevin Conroy - the Animated Series, Beyond, Justice League voice actor.
<: On a break @ work.
v: Favorite book series?


^: Enders game!
<: Just foruming, about to watch ZombieLand again.
v: What is your favorite sport?


^: Marching Band all the way!!! Yes its a sport come at me if you disagree I will take you on!
<: Sitting in @Nick’s apartment
v: whats the most recent movie you’ve seen?


^: American Sniper
<: Sitting alone eagerly awaiting the start of COMMUNITY NIGHT!!!
V: Recent travels?


^:the Gold Coast, QLD, last year. That place is the Vegas of Australia
<: Finding new music
V: What’s your party trick?


^: I can spout ABSOLUTELY USELESS facts about a VARIETY OF TOPICS. Oh wait. Small talk. My party trick is small talk.

<: Goin to sleep now.

v: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?


^: 3! lol
<: should be getting ready to head to work but being lazy / productive in RJ
v: if you had one item and you were stranded in the middle of Russia in the dead of winter with no cell phone coverage…what would that item be?


^: If fictional items are allowed then a T.A.R.D.I.S. if not then the worlds biggest blanket.
<: Just listening to the rain I suppose.
v: What is your favorite type of hat?


^: my oh my, so many hats to choose from. I must say I’m quite fond of the Panama Hat
<: listening to the new facerocker
v: what was your favorite movie of last year


^: Probably The LEGO Movie.
<: Currently listening to the newest Face Rocker Podcast! (Freddie VS Katy Perry)
v: What is your favorite food? (Also, I had a milkshake today for the first time in my life. Lol!)


^: Any type of fruit!
<: Rewatching season 5 of Buffy
v: Who is your favorite Marvel character?


^: Heather Douglas!!! Hardworking, bisexual, ambitious, sometimes-good, sometimes-bad-with-good-intentions, telepathic lady? The coolest. Fight me.

<: Just got home from work, about to make some food.

V: What’s your favorite snack?


^: Cereal

<: I am laying in my bed at 12:42 a.m., ironically contemplating whether or not I should go downstairs and eat some cereal.

V: Instead of a firearm, you may have one Poke-ball to legally conceal and carry with you for self defense. Which Pokemon would you choose?


^: Magikarp, no one expects a Magikarp.
<: Watching Ken Levine’s GDC talk (So exiting), also reveling in the fact Australia won a thing.
v: If your autobiography was turned into a movie, who would you cast as yourself?


^: Logan Lerman, no doubt.
<: Listening to a TED talk by Shane Koyczan (On the verge of tears because of his “To This Day” video.)
v:If you could purchase any one piece of filming gear (computer included), what would it be?
EDIT: Actually crying because of his “To This Day” video.


^: probably the best pc money can buy. because then i’m set for anything.

<: setting up my new monitors and tidying my desk

v: how cold is it where you are?


^: Not cold. 67ish degrees Fahrenheit.

<: At work (oops). Getting distracted while creating some new strategies for tumblr community conversion to one of our websites.

v: Least favorite website?


^: twitter. i dont know why i just hate it, tumblr is a close second.

<: playing some pc games with an xbox one controller

V: what is the meaning of life?


^: 42. (Get it?)
<: About to go to sleep, just finished studying for a huge math test.
V: What is your favorite food?


^: Man… SO MANY CHOICES, but I guess at the moment pineapple comes to mind.
<: I’m being happy right now, and I finished the book “A Wizard Of EarthSea” it was good!
v: If you were going to do something really dangerous, what would you do?