The Walking Dead *Possible Spoilers*


HOLY CRAP! After watching Episode 2 of The Walking Dead I had to bring this thread into existence I’ll keep my first post spoiler free for those who have yet to watch the latest episode but that may change. All other fans to me so we may discuss this seasons already start into epicness!!!


AJALSDJLDJDLFDLJSDLFS!!! The episode was really normal you know… they saved a priest from zombies, found a new place to stay, found food, some suspisions as always… but then… THE LAST 5 MINUTES OF THE EPISODE… HOLYYYY JESUCHRIST! OMG! CAROL AND DARYL! AND BOOOOB! OH GEEZ BOB! WTF!


RIGHT!!! Holy Crap I wasn’t really into Bob he always seemed like kind of a throw away character but after those last few minutes and then the big revel in the last two minutes I was just like BOB NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


I KNOW RIGHT?! DAAAAMNN! Bob was just another character for me, one of those characters that dies in a zombie confrontation (What i thought happened when he was attack by the underwater zombie…) a nobody cares… but no… NOOO! HE DOESN’T DESERVE THAT DESTINY! NO IN THAT WAY! OMG! D’: When the cam zoom out and show him without THAT… and the Psyco guy eating THAT! AND THEN THEY SHOW THAT IN THE FIRE! …This is too much…


Hahaha way to talk around spoilers but dude when they hit that part of the underwater zombie and then afterwards at the church when he looked upset or something was wrong I thought he had been bit and was hiding it until he had to leave the group, but then BAM the Terminus guys show right back up


Yeah i think that happened, there’s no other reason to go out to cry in the forest on a zombie dark night… But Damn… Those Terminus guys are so cannibals… psychopaths… i don’t know man… I just know that they’re so f*cked up… Just wait until others know… they blown up their home and left them alive, next time no one gonna survive!

On the other hand, i wan’t to know what happened with Beth, and what gonna happen now with Daryl and Carol pursuing those kidnappers…



WELL HERE WE GO I’m watching “Strangers” right now wish me luck and probably gonna see a VGHS commercial! :wink:


I was kinda hoping he was bit so he would die and come back with those Terminus freaks and get some of them and holy crap that car with Beth had a cross in it do you think it might be related to whatever secret the father has?


That’s what i’m suspecting… It’s too much coincidence that the car appeared near the church the same day they found the father… Maybe they were who wrote the “Burn in hell” message in the back of the church or i don’t know… i wan’t to know what’s the father’s secret e_e


Literally the most shady guy in TWD ever haha and when they look in his book and it says
"THY SHALL NOT KILL" makes me a little on edge it gives off a creepy vibe


YES! Those words, plus every time he said he is a Sinner, he has not and shall not kill, etc… made me think he made some dirty stuff before…


Also whats Im really waiting for is in the season 5 Trailer it showed Rick LEADING the people from Terminus like everyone was armed and they were going somewhere together like how the hell do you go from possibly being eaten by these people to now they are helping you?


WHAT IF HE’S NOT EVEN A PRIEST!? (caps filler)


Maybe those are the good people that were caught by the terminus psycho-cannibals or i don’t know… Man, there’s so many things for this season…

AHAHAHA That’s what Rick is waiting for, but he is a priest because remember the part when he saw the photo of him and his wife in the church before everything happen


But if I’m not mistaken the guy who was eating Bob was in the trailer behind Rick helping him or something!??!?!?!


OOOOK! I forgot i didn’t watch any TWD trailer to avoid spoilers… and now… i watched the best of them… LOL! Your fault Jake e_e …but well, apparently they’ll get united to reach Washington and find the cure… but i’m almost sure that won’t last too long… the whole trailer is about blowing up everything hahahaha


I don’t know I am excited to see what the main problems are this season


Just to let you know… You taste a lot better then we thought you would.




Damn Episode, everything was like perfect until that end…