The Walking Dead *Possible Spoilers*


I know I was shoked :(((((((((((


I hate you because I accidentally saw your post in my email BEFORE I watched the episode but I know it wasn’t your fault but it still sucks that I saw that. HOLY SH*T Walking Dead once again proving just like Game of Thrones main characters are not safe!


Ooooo that’s rough Jake but I think we can all agree no one saw it coming and that it really didn’t have to happen!


MUAHAHAHA! Sorry Jake! But damn yes! Freaking TWD Killing important people! I really thought that Carol was going to die, like, she had her super mega epic moment in the series saving everybody and blowing up Terminus… like, after a moment of epicness like that there’s no more than dead… but NO! THEY KILLED FREAKING BETH BECAUSE WHY NOT?! e_e


Its alright bud its kinda my fault for opening to email lol. I hate mid-season finales! I hate that shows do that now I wanna see the rest of season 5!!! :scream:


OH GOD! I FORGOT IT WAS THE MID SEASON FINALE! D’: WHYYYY?! Freaking TWD! now we have to an eternity (4 months) to watch the other part e_e


It was the Sopranos I think that introduced mid-season finales they suck so much!!!


Wow okay have guys seen this? Forgetting the fact that she was shot in the head and not even Walkers can come back from that, you can’t ask for them to bring back a main character after they get killed off otherwise everyone would do that. Game of Thrones would be terrible if they used that, I loved Beth and was upset they killed her but you just have to move on and let them go.


WALKING DEAD RETURNS!!! Sunday Feb. 8th!!! so excited I want it back already!

Also I can’t wait to see the new Walking dead spinoff. Its supposed to take place in Los Angeles but during the time Rick was in his coma so it’ll be the panic and spread of the outbreak!