The "Would You Rather" Game!


The Would you rather game!


  1. Answer the would you rather from the person above you.
  2. In the same post, make up a would you rather for the people below you to answer, and the cycle goes on.
  3. Explain why you chose one of the answers. (Update: optional.)

I’ll start if off:
Would you rather go skydiving from the grand canyon (thanks @mr_redsnake for correcting) or climb all the way to the top of Mount. Everest and take a selfie?


do you mean grand canyon
? id totally do that instead.

would you rather have a trillion dollars and only be able to stay in the U.S. or current country, or have a limit of 250,000 dollars, but be able to travel anywhere for free?


Stay in the US and take the money.
Would you rather…

play a game of chess/poker/any game you want with President Obama?
be knighted by the Queen of England?


knighted; really like the sir. … title.

Would you rather laugh every time someone else cries?
Only be allowed to wash yourself with the water in cans of hotdogs?


Laugh when someone else cries. Sure, it’s twisted, but hot dog water makes me want to throw up, haha.

Q: WYR poop a baseball once, or sweat mayonnaise for the rest of your life?


that’s horrible… poop a baseball. would you rather die in 1 day, but have the best day ever, or live 15 years, but you would have to make new friends.


Live for 15 years, so I can still do what I love for those years.

Would you rather have to fight off a shark in an ocean while a huge storm is going on, or fight 2 lions in a cage, no weapons, and you can’t leave until you beat them?


Fight two lions. I accidentally swam with a shark once, that is some pants wetting terror when you turn around and see a shark. a storm would not help.

Would you rather have unlimited knowledge or unlimited wisdom?


knowledge, im very wise, not TOO smart. would you rather have 1 million U.S. or 1 trillion yen (japanese $) but never be able to leave


actually, make it an octillion


1 million us dollars, just because, lol!
Would you rather meet a super famous celebrity that you hate or meet someone that you look up to A LOT but is not famous?


someone I hate. would you rather go to the moon and have internet, but no ppl. or would you go to the moon with 1,000 more ppl, but no internet.


cuz i look up to RJ and corridor digital. LOVE THEM :blush: , i would nvr want to hate them :cold_sweat:


Do you get to choose the 1k people?


yea filler filler filler


People no internet.
Would you rather be in a car crash and…

die quickly and painlessly?
be crippled for life?


Car crash, quick and painlessly.
Would you rather have the newest iPhone every time it comes out, or have any food, any time, any where?


Food. Always food. I can live without a phone, but food is pretty necessary. And I would definitely save way more money by conjouring up my own groceries.

Would you rather be mildly allergic to your favorite person or severely allergic to your favorite place?


Mildly allergic to my favorite person

Would you rather travel to outer space or the bottom of the ocean?


Outer space, the selfie would be cooler! (I think.)
Would you rather be a fish, or a bear? (So random, I know.)