The "Would You Rather" Game!


I would definitely rather live in a Cyberpunk world. I think while the technological advances would be cool to live around, the overall ambiguity and darkness house major potential for adventure and discovery. Granted, I am coming from a fairly biassed perspective, because I really don’t like Steampunk. I share my opinion about Steampunk with Logan Olson, a beloved guest on Facerocker, in it that he believes Steampunk is for the “creatively bankrupt” or Steampunk cosplay occurs when “goths discover brown”. In my opinion, to achieve a “well done” Steampunk costume, just add wood, pocketwatches, too many gears, and brass to anything and, boom, you’re good.

Would you rather have eyes for fingers or finger for eyes?


Eyes for fingers.
Would you rather…

have the answer to every question and not be able to communicate it to the world?
have the wrong answer to every question but you are able to share it with everyone?


have the answer to every question.
Would you rather…

Be stuck at sea for a month
Be stuck atop a tall mountain for a month


Depends. If I am stuck at sea on a huge luxury cruise ship with some photography gear, definitely that!
Would you rather: be a famous screenwriter or famous cinematographer?


Famous Screenwriter, i prefer a a beautiful story over beautiful aesthetics.
Would you rather create a whole new genre of film or find a new way of telling an old one?


Hmmmm… probably… new way to tell an old one. I don’t know, just sounds a lot better for me.
More film-making related would-you-rather’s!
Would you rather: write the screenplay for the next famous movie or be the director of the next famous movie?


Write the screenplay.
Would you rather…

be able to run very fast without tiring?
be able to fly?


Run very fast without tiring. I’m a track and cross country runner, so that would be very helpful to me.

Would you rather
be stuck in a fairytale world?
have fairytale characters stuck in the modern world?


Have fairytale character stuck in the modern world.
Would you rather…

be able to teleport?
be able to fly?


Teleport, seems more convenient.
Would you rather have the best personality but worst looks or best looks but worst personality?


that is an awfully difficult thing, but the worst looks might beat the worst personality in shittyness. I choose to have the worst personality.

Would you rather have mind control abilities or invisibility abilities where you can make yourself invisible as well as anything you’re touching and focussing on?


Oh invisible hands down, see someone you don’t wont to talk with. boom gone!

Would you rather be know as the girl/guy that A) killed a teammate with a tank, or B) the one who crashed the saucer section of your star ship. (Red vs Blue & Star Trek)


In light of Season 13, i’m going to go with the tank team kill.

Would you rather be known for saving the world but didn’t actually save the world or save the world and get no recognition.


Save the world and get nor recognition.
Would you rather…

only be able to play 1st person games?
only be able to play 3rd person games?


Only be able to play 1st person games, i think this style lends towards more detailed environments and allows you to project onto the characters more.

You’re in an empty room, there are two doors on the far wall, one on the left and one on the right
Would you rather choose the door on the right or the door on the left?


My first thought would be right, because I’m right handed. But then I’d say that most people say right, so I would go left. But then when I keep thinking maybe people think the same, so in the end I’d still take the right door.

Would you rather go see the world with the 15 000 dollars you had to spare your whole life for or you rather get 5 million dollars, but you can’t leave your house ever.


Travel the world. I like to be outside, even though I don’t go out very oft.

Would you rather:
Lose the sense of touch?
Lose the sense of sight?


Lose sense of sight.
Would you rather…

be trapped in a horror movie?
be trapped in a horror video game?


Be trapped in a horror video game, there’s always a way out in horror games.

You’re in an empty room, there are two sets of stairs on the far wall, one going up and one going down
Would you rather choose the stairs going up or the stairs going down?


Stairs going down, it always seems to be more interesting.

Would you rather…
have the ability to avenge wrongs?
have the ability to forgive wrongs?