The "Would You Rather" Game!


The ability to avenge wrongs. I would be… The Revenger! (anybody else remember, from Ned’s Declassified?)

Hopefully some Bethesda fans here to answer:
Would you rather live in the Wasteland, of the Fallout series?
or live in Tamriel, of the Elder Scrolls series?


I honestly don’t know a whole lot about Bethesda, but Elder Scrolls is probably my pick on this one.
Would you rather: popcorn or Cheetos?


Cheetos! I absolutely love Cheetos.

Would you rather…
do the gallon challenge?
do the cinnamon challenge?


Gallon challenge indeed. I’d rather feel ill than feel as though my throat is on fire…

Would you rather: become an octopus for the rest of your life, or live with nothing but octopuses for the rest of your life.


I’d become an octopus. Being an octopus would be awesome.

Which pet would you rather: a talking duck or a flying dog?


A talking duck, a flying dog would be hard to take on walks.

Would you rather have your life become a sitcom, or have your life become a soap opera?


A sitcom, at least people will laugh at my jokes!

Would you rather be an idolized celebrity or a discrete super hero?


Idolized celebrity. I like recognition.

Would you rather turn into an elephant or a panda?


Panda, i won’t be hunted for ivory

Would you rather be able to teleport (yourself and other objects) or be able to manipulate time


teleportation. time is seems so messy when you mess with it.

Would you rather eat only meat for the rest of your life?
Never eat again (and not need to)


Eat only meat. BRING ON THE STEAK!
Would you rather…

have more than two arms?
have more than two legs?


More than two arms, think of all the stuff you could do!

Would you rather be isolated forever, or never be left alone?


Never left alone.
Would you rather…

start every sentence with “lmao”?
start every sentence with “lol”?


“lol” - I don’t really say lmao so that would feel weirder to me.

Would you rather get paid well to do a job you tolerate or do a job you’re super passionate about for a wage below the poverty line?

(EDIT: asking for a friend I swear… jk asking for me).


There’s that obvious loophole, but I would say super passionate but for a small amount. (For me that would be a filmmaking job.) I would somehow figure out how to live (e.g. live with a roommate so that we split the apartment cost, only buying what I need, interning at companies, etc.)
Would you rather: Have cool party tricks or great life skills?


Great life skills, party tricks are fun, but when it gets down to it it’s the life skills that get you places.
Would you rather do karaoke with people who cant sing or do a waltz with an amputee?


I love karaoke with anyone anytime any level of talent let’s go.

Would you rather have access to a tablet or a desktop as the only internet-connected device you can use?


Tablet. Mobility is a necessity.
Would you rather…

have an old smart phone as an internet connection?
have an old desktop as an internet connection?
(by old I mean like 2009)


Old smart phone, I think.

Would you rather get killed in a game every time you respawn, or get shot after nearly nailing that killstreak and having to restart?


Shot and having to restart killstreak, then at least your playing the game instead of being shot before you can even do something.
Would you rather…

have to play your least favorite video game for the rest of your life?
only be able to play board games instead of video games for the rest of your life?