The "Would You Rather" Game!


Board Games! there’s such a great diversity in board games that i’d love to explore.

Would you rather be uncomfortably hot or uncomfortably cold?


Uncomfortably hot, I guess. You could live in cold places to try to even it out.

Would you rather fart whenever a crush talks to you, or wee yourself when your friends talk to you? ( Couldn’t think of anything else)


Fart with the crush.
Would you rather…

get a bloody nose everytime you say the word wear?
pee your pants everytime you hear the word sewer?


Get a bloody nose every time you say wear, you could always find a synonym

Would you rather
Be immensely world famous and known by everyone or have a be adored by a small group of devoted fans?


Adorded by a small group of devoted fans, I don’t want to be mobbed everywhere I go.
Would you rather…

have a swimming pool filled with cherry jello?
have a shower that spurts Dr. Pepper?


Cherry jello, Dr. pepper is absolutely vile.

Would you rather read a book of 10 pages or a book of 1000 pages?


1000! 10 is nothing, no story.

Would you rather be a mediocre filmmaker/artist remembered for centuries or a glorious filmmaker/artist long forgotten?


Mediocre filmmaker remembered for centuries. The idea of being remembered for centuries by pure mediocrity amuses me.

Would you rather write a series of short novellas or write one big book?


A series of short novellas. I have so many different story ideas to use, and the novellas can be companions so you can develop a world and characters more deeply.

Would you rather color with markers or crayons?


Markers they give more consistent coverage

would you rather travel forward in time 1,000 years and be stuck there or be able to freely travel the past?


Freely throughout the past(as long as it didn’t disrupt the present or past).
Would you rather…

be able to breath underwater?
be able to breath in outer space?


Under water, space is cool but it’s just so big! And I don’t see myself traveling those distances from one cool spacething to another whilst under water there’s lot’s of cool stuff pretty close together.

Would you rather have your eyelids removed
or have your lips removed?


lips removed, because without eyelids you culdn’t sleep,so you would probably go crazy!

Would you rather be a Dog :dog:
or a Cat? :cat:


A cat! Dogs get too much attention for me.

Would you rather dream the same thing every night, or never dream?


Hmm… probably never dream. The same dream will get so boring after a while, even if it is a really good one.
Would you rather: be the best at something that you hate or the worst at something you love?


Worst at the thing I love.
Would your rather.
Play call of duty
Play halo


Halo, at least halo tries to be original.

Would you rather come up with the greatest scientific innovation of all time, or the greatest cultural innovation of all time?


Cultural by far! Way cooler in my opinion.

Would you rather laugh when you should cry or cry when you should laugh?


Cry when you should laugh. It is the less rude of the two.
Would you rather…

have cyborg arms?
have cyborg legs?


Legs. I feel like it would be faster to learn how to use them then how to pick things up again.

Would you rather A) Get stuck leaping through time trying to get home. B) Get stuck sliding from one dimension to the other trying to get home