The "Would You Rather" Game!


Leaping through time.
Would you rather…

be a cyborg?
be a full on robot?


Be a cyborg.

Would you rather always be tired or always be hungry?


Tired. Much more tolerable.

Would you rather step on a puppy’s paw or squish a ladybug?


Squish a ladybug of course, I like all dogs way too much, especially puppies.

Would you rather get everything you need to live comfortably but live in poverty, or win a million dollars but have no sustainable income?


1 million dollars. I could always do projects and stuff when I need to (like PAing, etc).

Would you rather: sleep for only 2 hours or sleep for 15 hours?


Sleep for 15 hours, it’s crunch time for me this year, I’ve been getting 4-5 hours sleep for the last week and there is no end in sight. I would really dig some sleep right now.

Would you rather die a hero or live long enough to become the villain?


Die a hero(I see what you did there Two Face/Harvey Dent)
Would you rather…

only be able to watch bad TV shows?
only be able to watch bad movies?


bad movies. There are way more of movies than tv shows, and there’s always things you can learn from bad movies.

Would you rather: be the funniest among all your friends or the coolest among all your friends?


Funniest. I am nothing with out my witty personality.
Would you rather…

be popular but hate the people you hang out with?
be at the bottom of the social hierarchy but love your friends?


Bottom of the social hierarchy. I can’t stand fake people, and I’m not about to be one of them.

Would you rather…
sail around the world?
fly around the world?


Sail around the world, take my time and enjoy it

Fight the Zerg or fight the Horde?


That’s a hard one. Probably the Horde!

Would you rather: be the best at a sport or the best at social skills?


Best at social skills, they can take you further in life.
Would you rather…

live deep in the country?
live in an overcrowded city?


Live deep in the country. It’s already kind of where I live, and I cannot stand the city. I like nature too much.

Would you rather…
go skydiving?
go deep-sea diving?


Deep sea diving.
Would you rather…

play only first person shooters?
play only third person shooters?


Only play first person shooters.

Would you rather back a kickstarter or fund a patreon?


Depends for what. But probably a kickstarter, it’s much easier and it’s for only one project.

Would you rather: if you had to drink only one soda for the rest of your life (you could still drink water, milk, etc.), coke or pepsi?


Fritz Kola

Would you rather…

play one Awesome but expensive game in your whole life

or only play games you made but you can make how many you want?


play one awesome but expensive game. Sure it will get boring, but my games will get boring much faster haha.

Would you rather: live in a house or an apartment?


Apartment, as long as it had enough room and allowed for pets(I couldn’t live without my cat)
Would you rather…

live underground?
live underwater?