The "Would You Rather" Game!


Nice computer all the way! For sure! Who needs a nice phone

Would you rather…
Work with an amazing indie director or a bad but famous Hollywood director?


Amazing indie director I have some self respect cough Michael Bay cough

Have your dream job but lonely or have a dead end job and friends


Dream job but lonely. Not that I don’t like friends! I love friends!! But I’m going to spend 8+ hours a day working no matter what, and I don’t want to have to muscle through that discontent. And work is fulfilling for me in a way that people sometimes aren’t? Idk man. #introvert

Would you rather guest star in Game of Thrones or Orphan Black?


Games of thrones and I’d request to die in a suitably awesome fashion.

Subs or dubs


Subs all the way!
Would you rather…

have an extremely strange fetish?
be vanilla?


Get crazy! YOLO right!? (I’m so sorry)


Be an amazing Solo Artist


An okay part of a great band?


Amazing solo artist.

Would you rather: bring a sword to a gun fight or a gun to a sword fight?


i think gun to sword fight is the logical choice

Would you rather get a free coffee mug or a free t-shirt?


Free mug duh.

Would you rather have a head the size of a tennis ball or the size of a watermelon?


A small watermelon! #Loopholes

Would you rather…
All the RocketJump merch in the world or every other merch in the world just not RocketJump’s?

Where Should I start

All the other merch, I’ll make my own damn rocketjump fanshirts!

always feel like you forgot something?
always feel like your face is smeared with mayonaisse?


Feel like I forgot something. I can’t stand the feeling that I have something on my face.
Would you rather…

be able to teleport?
be able to fly?


Be able to teleport, sure as hell beats public transport.

Would you rather be incredibly heavy or incredibly light?


I’d rather be incredibly light and have custom-made spaulders, bracers, and greaves to keep me grounded.

Would you rather:
Go on a perilous quest with a group of close friends?
Recruit a team of strangers (who you somehow know you can trust) to pull off a heist?


I shall gather my comrades and embark upon a noble quest post hence! WE RIDE!!!

Would you rather be a powered super hero and an outlaw or a powerless superhero (batman, ironman etc) and be loved?


Powerless super hero. Green Arrow for life.
Would you rather…

forget what your favorite song sounds like?
forget the plot to your favorite movie?


Forget the plot to my favorite my movie, because then I could rewatch it!

Would you rather reply to this thread, or get more work done? :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to this thread!

Would you rather only be able to pay for things with card or only be able to pay for things with cash?


Hard one. Cash, after much deliberation.
Would you rather…

it rained blood?
it rained frogs?


Blood because at least it’s still liquid.

Only make a film with handheld shots or only with stationary shots?