The "Would You Rather" Game!


Only hand held shots.
Would you rather…

be plagued by a swarm of locusts?
be plagued by a swarm of flies?


I would choose to be the lord of the flies, I would exterminate them with extreme prejudice.

When you go to a restaurant:
Booth or regular chairs?


Booth, because my life is a sitcom.

Would you rather have no free time or too much free time.


Kind of a loophole there - too much free time, so during the free time I could be doing filmmaking, as I do when I don’t have free time, since it’s basically my lifestyle haha.

Would you rather…
Only eat homemade, home-cooked meals for the rest of your life, or eat at fast food places for the rest of your life?


Homecooked meals, especially if they are the ones that you see on TV. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would you rather be super talented at something and hate it or follow a passion and suck at it?


That’s tough. Probably super talented at something I hate, just because I don’t feel like sucking hehe.

Would you rather…

Have a banana or chicken shaped head?


Chicken shaped I guess?
Would you rather…

only be able to wear white?
only be able to wear black?


Only wear black, to mourn the death of my ability to wear other colors.

Would you rather earth have a technicolor sun or a monochrome sun?


Would you rather…

see things in black and white?
see things only in shades of pink?


black and white!!!

would you rather
have to vomit every time someone around you sneezed…
have to poop every time someone yawned


Seeing to how vomiting is very painful and a waste of a good meal :laughing: I’d rather poop every time someone yawned

Would you rather…
peel all your nails out of your fingers
pull all the teeth out of your mouth?


All of the teeth out of my mouth, though both are equally unpleasant.
Would you rather…

hear a loud buzzing noise 24/7?
be blind for seven hours every day?


Be blind for seven hours a day. I would alter my schedule so that I could sleep during those hours.

Would you rather:
Have the ability to morph into any animal (acquiring their DNA through touch) & have to fight a secret war with an alien army of body-snatchers?
Pilot a mech (Robotech, early Gundam, or Code Geass style) in an open war with an invading army (human or alien)?


Pilot a mech.
Would you rather…

fight aliens?
fight zombies?


Fight aliens. I would go all Will Smith “Welcome to earth!” straight outta Independence Day on their tiny green asses.
Would you rather…

lose your ability to see or lose your ability to hear?


Lose my ability to hear.
Would you rather…

lie about your gender?
lie about your religion?


Lie about my religion cause I already do that to my parents anyway!

Would you rather only be allowed to use soy sauce or Sriracha for the rest of your life?


Difficult, but I’ve gotta go with sriracha, i don’t know what i’d do without it.

Would you rather write a brilliant book or a brilliant film


A brilliant book. Then it can be adapted for film.

Would you rather…
write one great novel?
write many decent novels?


Write one great novel. I’m too lazy to pull off many novels.
Would you rather…

be able to see tastes?
be able to see sounds?