The "Would You Rather" Game!


tastes, as it would make picking what I want to eat much easier.

would you rather
live in a huge maze of chambers with different levels
live in one big spacious room


Huge maze with lots of chambers I’d eventually map it out.
Would you rather…
Be trapped in a library for the rest of your life
Be trapped in a museum for the rest of your life?


Library for sure. Books! Also, museums can be kind of creepy, depending on what they display.

Would you rather only drink wheatgrass shots for the rest of your life or have to dye your hair a different color every morning?


Wheatgrass shots, I would get used to the taste. I don’t think I could ever get used to pink hair.
Would you rather…

only be able to watch bad sitcoms?
only be able to watch bad soap operas?


Bad sitcoms, there’s something oddly charming about terrible sitcoms that I cant quite pin down.

Would you rather live in a medieval fantasy universe or a sci-fi universe?


Science fiction because I don’t want to die of the Black Plague.

Would you rather fly around the world in a blimp or cruise around the world in a cruise ship?


Blimp! More to see than only water.

Eat a lot of the same thing every day

Or a little of something different every day?


A little of something different.
Would you rather…

have an epic voice over narrate your life but everyone can hear it?
have the creepiest voice ever narrate your life but only you can hear it?


Epic voice, theres already a creepy little voice in my head and one is enough!
Would you rather…

Be an artist who is appreciated after their time?
Be famous during your life yet soon forgotten?


I’d think I would be an artist who’d be appreciated after their time, because I want to have influence on the world and leave a legacy behind for my children.

Would you rather…

Be haunted by a ghost daily?
Be annoyed by a salesman daily?


As much as I really dislike salesmen, I would rather be annoyed by one daily. I can physically deal with them, and they’ll be my metaphorical punching bag and stress relief.

Would you rather…
be a Velociraptor?
be a Tyrannosaurus Rex?


Velociraptor because I will have many friends and we can go on hunts together. We’ll have a merry old time chasing humans and communicating with our large echo chambers.

Would you rather watch one film for the rest of your life and learn a lot or watch several but learn little?


Watch several and learn little.
Would you rather…

be allergic to tomatoes?
be allergic to dairy?


Be allergic to tomatoes.

Would you rather have dinner with a famous person who is dead or have lunch with a famous person who is alive.


Lunch with the living. I’d be worried about zombie robin Williams wanting to have me for dinner instead. I would have lunch with Christopher Nolan cause there would be so much I could learn

Would you rather…
Live on a boat or live in a cave


Live in a cave, as long as it was furnished. It would be my Fran Cave
Would you rather…

have everyone pay attention to you at all times?
be completely ignored all the time?


Have everyone pay attention. More useful in the film business.

Would you rather…
TV or YouTube for the rest of your life?


Would you rather…

It be sunny 24/7?
be rainy 24/7?


Sunny. I can always simulate rain if I want to. The sun is harder. Plus things would flood eventually I would think. Although I’m sure everything would die if the sun was out 24/7.

Would you rather be in a romantic polyamorous relationship and living with two hot people but never have kids
Have two kids who grow up to be great people but you remain single and without romantic love the rest of your life?


Romantic polyamorous relationship.
Would you rather…

live with 5 cats?
live with 10 dogs?