The "Would You Rather" Game!


Live with 5 cats.

Would you rather time pass unsatisfyingly quickly or
pass painfully slowly?


Painfully Slowly, life’s too short already.

Would you rather be a stock market trader or a real estate investor?


Stock market trader.
Would you rather…

ride a unicorn?
ride a dragon?


I’d rather ride a Dragon(zord).

Would you rather:
Be trapped in a Virtual Reality MMO game themed on Swords and Sorcery?
A Virtual Reality MMO themed on Guns and Futuristic Technology?


Guns and future tech, because this allows me to chill up back with sniper rifles (also because Alfheim online was terrible)

Would you rather be stuck in an office building forever or stuck in a warehouse forever?


Stuck in a warehouse. Sounds less claustrophobic.

Would you rather be famous for being able to walk on your hands forever or be famous for your mad skillz at thumb wrestling?


Mad thumb wrestling skills. I’d be like macho thumb randy savage OOOHHHHHH YEEEEAAAAAA!!!

Would you rather eat at one restaurant the rest of your life and never have to pay or eat at multiple restaurants and never repeat


Eat at one restaurant for the rest of my life.
Would you rather…

only be able to eat meat and nothing else?
only be able to eat vegetables and nothing else?


vegetables, beacause some meat replacements taste very good and it would probaply be healthier for me and the world.
Would you rather
Fight a mighty dragon over a huge treasure
Fight a small ork over a 1 liter tub of vanilla icecream


Fight a mighty dragon over a huge treasure
Would you rather
Have a jetpack
Pilot a giant robot


Pilot a giant robot
Would you rather
help your party in a fight?
follow behind and loot the bodies?


Help the party, having just played my first game of D&D recently, the ongoing rule seemed to be those who kill it get first dibs on loot.

Would you rather only be able to watch sequels, spin offs and shared universe films from one franchise, or only be able to watch stand alone films?


eh, difficult choice. I suppose I could survive on disney.

would you rather jump into a pool filled with legos from 5 meters above
Jump into a pool filled with water from 50 meters above


The legos.
Would you rather…

only drink chicken milk(look it up, it’s a thing)?
only drink liquid fat?


Jesus…wow starting to ask the tough questions i’ll go with the fat

Would you rather be able to live in your favorite T.V. universe as a hero
Live in your favorite movie universe as a back ground nobody


TV universe as a hero. BROWNCOATS FOREVER!!!

Would you rather
Be cold blooded or nocturnal?


Nocturnal, i’m practically halfway there.

Would you rather have cameos in a ton of movies or have one, really good leading role?

#359 Enjoy! :smile:


Have a lot of cameos, Stan Lee much
Would you rather…

break all your fingers?
break all your toes?


Toes. It would be really, really hard to work with all my fingers broken, but broken toes wouldn’t stop me.

Would you rather have a book that keeps an accurate record of every moment of your entire life or have a clone that could sleep in your place so you wouldn’t have to?