The "Would You Rather" Game!


I enjoy sleeping so I’m going to have to go with the book.

Would you rather have a narrator describing your life that only you can hear or a narrator that everyone else but you can hear?


I think it would be great for some one to hear "And then he thought about how long he would spend in prison for killing this person, and with that acted like he hadn’t heard them at all " so i’ll go with the narrator every one else could hear.

Would you rather have to pay for nothing ever again but people are super rude to you all the time or pay double but no one is ever rude to you again


Never pay for anything.
Would you rather…

your skin be bright pink?
your skin be bright green?


Bright green! I am not a fan of pink.
Would you rather…
learn how to play acoustic guitar?
learn how to play lead guitar?


Lead, I already got rhythm down.
Would you rather…

be able to spell perfectly but not be able to read?
be able to read perfectly but not be able to spell?


I would rather be able to read and not spell because I feel like that would be somewhat less debilitating.

Would you rather…

Learn to fly a plane?
Learn to sail a submarine? (the internet said that submarines “sail” I know it sounds weird)


Learn to fly a plane. I’d rather crash to my death than drown :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you rather…

live through the zombie apocalypse?
live through an earth ending alien invasion?


I’ve watch both “The Walking Dead” and “Falling Skies,” which is the alien invasion/war, and I think the Alien invasion would be my preference haha.

Would you rather live in a world with…

Never ending day


Never ending night and I mean a normal night, not a world frozen because its always night


Alien Invasion. We could reverse engineer cool tech!

Would you rather we a critically acclaimed painter or a critically acclaimed musician?


I’d be the critically acclaimed musician of the endless night!

Would you rather:
Fight through 7 Trials of Might?
Think through 7 Trials of Intillect?


7 Trials of Might, I’m a smart person but I’m not the best at puzzles.
Would you rather…

raid a castle?
attack an alien base?


raid a castle, seems more safe.

Would you rather…
Have chapped lips for the rest of your life or never be able to watch any movie/tv show again?


chapped lips you can put a lot of chap stick on

would you rather…
be a cast on your fav show but be killed off 5 sec after you appered or get 5 million dollar but watch 455555 burn


5 million dollars, because if you take away 455555 you still have a lot!
Would you rather: be super funny or be super smart?


Super smart. Just because you’re not funny doesn’t mean you’re not like able. So I could still accomplish a lot.

Would you rather - work on the crew of a big Hollywood film as a lower ranking creative? I.e. Grip, boom holder?
Direct your own film beginning to end but have almost a non existent budget?


Work on the crew. Everybody loves a paycheck! Also, I have no movie-directing aspirations, so.

Would you rather have to immediately jog in place for 15 minutes every time you ate a dessert or have to sleep 10 hours every night regardless of whether you have the time or desire to do so?


I have narcolepsy so I’m gonna go with the sleep 10 hours a night cause my body makes me do that anyway

Would you rather: be able to see the future but not change it or have super strength but only when no one was watching


I’m a bit of a shut-in, so Super Strength when no one is watching is the choice for me.

Would you rather:
Have the use of a Replicator from Star Trek?
The ability to Slow Time to one third of its usual speed?


Definitely the ability to Slow Time…that way I can learn and try 3 times more!(And invent Replicator maybe?) But it’s not slows time for me…so I will get old faster…hmm

Would you rather:
live normal life, balanced between work/friends/emotions(in a comfort zone)
forget about emotions, hangouts, feelings for some time for the sake of success in something or better future?


Forgetting, letting go, and focusing on something bigger.

Would you rather:

Only pay with 1 dollar bills, or only pay with 1000 dollar bills?