The "Would You Rather" Game!


1 dollar bills. since we’re on the topic of weird "WYR"s…

would you rather:

date a My Little Pony character, or watch VGHS all day?



Would you rather: have to speak different languages every time you sneeze or change your personality every time you sneeze?


have you been watching dragonball Red? I’d go for the personality change.

Would you rather: have memory loss of your everyday life but remember your dreams
wake up realizing that your everyday life has been a dream?


Wake up realizing that my life has been a dream. Adventures 4 life!

Would you rather: you can only hear one song for the rest of your life, and it can be either a modern-popular pop song or a really, really old song?


A really old song, I feel that it would end up being less annoying, plus, some of those compositions are quite long, it’d be less tedious than listening to the same 2 -4 minute song over and over

Would you rather live in a Utopia or a Dystopia?


Utopia, going from the meaning of the word as dream world. It is “the perfect world”, but “perfect” is subjective so it would be my “perfect”. And if my perfect would be a world in ruin/after the apocalypse then that could still be. Not that that is my perfect but anyways, utopia please.

Would you rather:
Live where survival is everyday bussines but be really good at it.
Live where being alive is pretty much the only prerequisite, but you have no talents, you’re pretty much just okay.


survival is everyday bussines but be really good at it.
WYR: re make the star wars prequels and never see a dollar from it OR be a show runner for children’s T.V shows


Be a show runner for children’s show. Would you rather be the first to go to sleep and the last one awake or be the last one to fall asleep and the first one awake


Last one asleep and first awake. Would you rather wear the same clothes for the rest of your life, or eat the same meal?


Eat the same meal.
Would you rather spend the rest of your life playing video games or reading books ?


Reading books, but this is a difficult one.
Would you rather live on Mars or on the moon?


The moon because it’s quicker to pop back to my old home! And lots of cheese!

Would you rather say at a Star Wars convention that the prequels are better than the originals, or go to Comic Con and ask the difference between DC and Marvel?


Would you rather:

Be extremely famous while you lived but be completely forgotten when you die, or not be famous at all when you lived but when you died, you would be super famous and remembered forever?


Wow, that’s not an easy one. Ask the difference between DC and Marvel I think.


Be famous while I lived. I don’t care about the fact of being famous itself, it’s the opportunities it gives (meeting peoples for example) that are interesting.
You can give me whatever you want, if I’m dead then it won’t make me happy.

Would you rather :

Lose your arms or legs ?



Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?



Batman money or Spiderman powers?


OOoooooh good one, Jasper!


Spiderman powers.

Would you rather shapeshift or live forever?


Oh, shape shift for sure. Didn’t we all learn a lesson or two from the Cullen family? One must not live for an eternity, for the repercussions will cause mass hysteria amongst tweeny- boppers everywhere! :yum:

Would you rather lick the toilet seat of a gas station bathroom, or lick the earpiece of a pay phone in Downtown LA? :joy: