The "Would You Rather" Game!


I haven’t even stepped foot in LA and that is disgusting :grimacing: … I think I would have to lick the earpiece of a pay phone since nobody really uses those anyways… but then they don’t get cleaned. Crap.

Would you rather watch Jon Karmen shorts forever or CorridorDigital shorts forever?


Corridor Digital for sure, but that may be biased due to Rose Tinted glasses and what not.

WYR have Captain America level physique and abilities, or Adam Jensen level of cyberization?


Cap’s physique, because you can’t hack muscles.

WYR only be able to eat for a year, or only be able to drink for a year?


@NotADoctor do shakes/smoothies count as food or drink?


They should be a drink if you’re doing it right.



How does one do a shake wrong? It seems pretty straight forward to me


Would you rather only be able to whisper, or only be able to shout everything?


Drink ! That would probably be easier.

Aaaaah, that’s an horrible one. It’s like in one of those dreams in which you can’t control your body as you want to.
Probably whisper. Maybe after I can build an amplifier or something.

Would you rather turn into a:

  • Talking cat
  • Flying dog

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Ok that one is stupid.


Gonna try something to make this more fun for everybody…editing @Spica’s post above to include a poll.


Would you rather

  • wake up in a place where your skill-set is useless
  • wake up in a place where no one speaks your language

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why can I choose multiple answers in your polls but all the other polls force you to decide?


My bad, I was choosing multiple choice.


Fixed it for you. Just remove the “multiple” option from your poll in the future.


There are more ways to communicate than words, and I HATE feeling useless.


Would you rather

  1. Put sprinkles on every food.
  2. Put little paper parasols in every drink.

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All those parasols, that’s a damn waste. At least I’ll eat the sprinkles.