This Week At Rocketjump


We need a place to talk about This Week At Rocketjump. It was going to happen eventually.
First off, i love the show, it’s great fun seeing what the guys in the office get up to.

On the most recent episode: I think i may have found @Jake_Rodriguez
Are you the one behind Clint? Apologies but this was just too intriguing to pass up.


That is %100 Mr. Rodriguez in the back haha


YES!! I SAW JAKE THERE! HAHAHAHA I’m 98.86% sure that guy was Jake! hahahahaha

Btw, this TWARJ was really funny and emotional hahaha, i couldn’t hold my laughs when Clint and Benji failed and they were hugging each other on the floor in disapointment hahahaha


Indeed that was me I was there and yeah it got pretty epic when they made this.


We need to get the creator of “This Week at RocketJump” Mr. Jon Karmen in this thread. The man is modern day Leonardo DiVinci with a camera


These shorts are awesome! I loved what Benji said at the end.


If he’s not lurking on the forums already, bug him to join! We’d love to harass him with questions :slight_smile:


I have legit lurking skills


True. If only you could do push-ups as well as you lurk. ;D

Actually though, I’d love to hear about how these shorts are conceived from Jon, because they are super A+


Benji breaks tables with the “People’s Elbow.” No push ups needed.


Wow @benjidolly those are fighting words! You gonna take that Benji?


Noooo no, I jest.

I have to say though, of all of the This Week at RocketJump’s, the ones with Charles Barkley are always my favorites.


Jon Karmen is the mastermind behind This Week at RocketJump. We will have to get him on here for you to pick his brain.


You and @Jamie_Lukaszewski are officially in charge of bugging him until he posts :slight_smile:


Hey everybody, I finally got around to making a profile. I’ll take any questions or comments you got!


Glad you enjoy the show.


Awesome, welcome! :slight_smile:

I love how the shorts are behind-the-scenes but also have very fleshed-out plotlines. Do you compose stories beforehand, or let things play out and make it a story later?


Nothing but praise from me, I love seeing what the guys at rocketjump are up to!
Keep up the good work!


It changes from episode to episode. Sometimes I’ll improvise the story as I’m shooting (“Freddie’s Trophy”), write out a script beforehand (“Nerdist Showdown: Part 3”), shoot a bunch of different stuff and figure out the story as I’m editing (“Introducing Jamie”), or just show what actually happened (“Push-Up Pros: Revenge”).

Character development is the key to making each episode feel more than just a “behind the scenes”. Before I start making an episode, I choose a specific aspect of someone’s personality to focus on, then let the story evolve organically from there.


That’s really clever, never in a million years would i think of doing that!
Are you planning to do an “introducing…” video for everyone or was that a one off?