This Week At Rocketjump


Are you planning to do any sort of office tour? I don’t know if it’s just me but I really want to see the office! :smiley:


Thanks! I have no plans for second “introducing” video right now, but I’d be open to doing another if inspiration strikes me.


No plans for an office tour right now. But maybe someday!


Hopefully some day! haha

Do you mind sharing your inspiration for such an amazing series!?


My inspiration comes from my amazing co-workers at RocketJump. They are always comfortable being filmed, have diverse personalities, and are downright hilarious. If I’m ever unsure on how to approach an episode’s story or need feedback on an edit, they are always there for me. I feel very lucky surrounded with such great people every day and the show would be nothing without them.


That’s awesome Jon! You work with very lovely people! AMAZING PERSONALITIES!


Jon, are you 100% on This Week at RocketJump, or are you working on other projects too?

Less relevant but also important: you’re stuck on an island for 3 weeks, which two RocketJump people do you take with you?


haha Wow that is an awesome question!


This week’s short was awesome :slight_smile: Poor RocketJump. All dignity gone.


The Introduction of the team was kind of like the Hindenburg footage, so amazing, until you realize they’re all screwed. Also that ending was fabulous, Netflix Mansions indeed :smile:!


Possibly my favorite This Week at RocketJump yet. SO MUCH CHARLES BARKLEY.


The government bit was great, truly elegant script writing.


Let’s be honest, we need some more Charles Barkley!


24/7 Charles Barkley. All Charlie all the time.


He’s the cutest in his little fetal position


Meet the Charles Barkley?






And it’s taken a quite sinister tone


Exactly, my favorite tone