This Week At Rocketjump


This marks the first time I’ve seen a bad composite from the Rocketjump crew. The little Clints are kind of a mess. But then they totally break character at the end, too, so… clearly were going for rough and silly.


But this is not the rocketjump crew right? correct me if I’m wrong, but this is just the rubedog part of the crew making weekly madness on a nonexistant budget; and I think that is incredible.
I think I have not disliked a single TWARJ episode :smiley:


My favorite thing about TWARJ is that it is a 100% accurate, no-hyperbole-involved, true life documentary of what actually goes on in the RJ offices. For real.


Next Week on This Week at RocketJump

Prepare yourselves…


White rabbit with fangs?



Prepare the holy hand grenade!


and then bravely run away!
boldy flee the scene!
heroicly turn your tail!


LASER WAR | This Week at RocketJump


Benji’s head does what benji’s head always does. He is the Sean Bean of rocketjump


a tale of two brothers. TWARJ really goes above and beyond this week even getting footage from the future!


Matt and Freddie face off in a rocketjump duel, this week at rocketjump


Everything comes to a conclusion in the season finale of This Week At Rocketjump:


WHY MUST THIS SHOW END!?! It was so good.


…didn’t Freddie say that they had some shorts they wanted to release on December 2nd? So maybe it isn’t over!

Right guys?


(please don’t leave us rocketjump…)


I think these are the shorts from Rocketjump: The Show.


It’s just the season finale, the showrunnering is switching from Jon and Jake to a new team (I think they talked about it on a podcast). So more stuff is coming later on.


But the video description said it was the SEASON finale…huh

So what would Freddie and Matt and the rest would be doing in the meantime?


Rocketjump: The Show, D404, Regular old shorts.
The possibilities are endless.


True. Can’t wait for more RocketJump stuff! :smile:


So I was rewatching The Death of Rocketjump when I happened to pause at the wrong time and had this freeze on my screen

Now I’m fairly certain that Dez is going to haunt my nightmares.