This Week At Rocketjump


In the name of the godly ChickyBoo, first of his name, heir to rocketjump and Freddie Wong, keeper of the flame of hope and layer of the eggs of justice, the unfailing, ruler of the this week at archives and the mother chick of dragons…
what is happening?


Oh my ChickyBoo, it’s happening…




Ah, so nice to binge-watch This Week at RocketJump late at night! I think we all know the feeling :smile:


You just can’t beat the craziness of their office shenanigans!


Oh but things have calmed down a lot. Somehow less crazy stuff seems to happen when it’s not Jake and john (aka rubedog) recording it. :grin:


Yeah, Charles didn’t even get possessed/ explode/ get shot this episode


I can’t imagine what Jake and Jon are coming up with in their next thing whether it be short or full out feature.


D404 news!
Who’s hyped!


This week at rocketjump, BTS for the sweet justice short


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One of my favourite BTS to date in regards to the Short Team’s shorts.