Top 5 anime game



I see there are a few anime lovers here. so what is going to happen is. in this game we will list our top 5 Anime but we cant use an anime that has Been listed in the previous post.

Can be new or old. can be a movie also or even if you prefer, the manga.

You can also add a brief synopsis if you like.

This is just to get some fresh new series out there that people can watch if they so desire.

My Top 5:

1. Steins;Gate
Best time travel based anime I’ve seen
2. Hajime No Ippo
Boxing anime, lovable characters, really funny
3. Hamatora
Crime fighting + Esp + Drama + Comedy
4. No Game No Life
Brother and sister are sucked into a world where everything is decided by a game, both brother and sister are geniuses
5. Fate/Zero
Prequel to fate stay night, legendary figures are chosen to fight to the death by their masters to win to holy grail.


Well, this is a tough one. Let me think …

  1. Trigun - An oldie but a goodie. A perfect blend of funny and serious.
  2. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Even with all the wonkiness about the endings, it’s still amazing. It was also my first, so that has to cound for something.
  3. Sword Art Online - A new series, but definitely a fun one. A great concept executed extremely well
  4. A Certain Magical Index - Definitely odd, but the perfect kind of odd.
  5. Attack on Titan - It’s just awesome. Nuff said.

That’s my list. Hope you enjoy if you haven’t seen any of them


Alright, here’s some of mine

  1. Death Note - Top notch supernatural mystery. Really well done, reminiscent of a Sherlock Holmes story, form Moriarty’s side. Also, L.
  2. Future Diary - A really well put together anime, kinda like a battle royale sort of deal, except with a timey- wimey twist. Also, psychopath girlfriends.
  3. Psycho Pass - Psycho Pass is my next anime on the list and what I’ve seen of it so far is it is a neo- noir of sorts, and we all need more neo-noir
  4. nausicaa of the valley of the wind - My first anime and a beautiful one at that. I guess it taught a much younger Doc some important lessons about equality.
  5. Dead man Wonderland as all my other anime’s have been taken, this is an up & comer on my list of anime’s. Again, quite an interesting premise it managed to weave. A fair ground where they send criminals to be employees. They are poisoned and they have to use the money they earn working on necessities & the antidote.


Dead Man Wonderland is great. If this had been a top 10, it would have been on there for me.


you forgot to mention that future diary is also about crazy psycho girlfriends


How am I just now seeing this thread? Anywho:

  • Princess Mononoke: My favorite Miyazaki. Trust me on this, it’s awesome.
  • The Tatami Galaxy: Oh man, that art. Seriously, this is a beautiful show. It’s fast-paced and exciting did I mention beautiful.
  • D. Gray Man: Be warned right of the bat, that this manga and anime were never finished, and likely never will be – zero resolution of any kind. That said – the universe of D. Gray Man is extremely compelling. The plot and characters are solid, and it’s all action all the time. There are moments of comedy, but generally the tone is very dark. If you’re interested watching a group of people who fight demons with crazy weapons and report back to a crazy home base develop as people, watch this.
  • Ouran High School Host Club: I love it because it breaks all of the tropes. Instead of a bunch of girls clamoring for the romantic attention of one guy, it’s a bunch of guys clamoring for the platonic attention of one largely indifferent girl. Who, by the way, gender expresses in a very masculine way and has a genderqueer father – neither of which are the brunt of a joke, but instead are very real aspects of their lives. I do prefer the manga to the anime - for character development reasons - but it’s good. Also, it’s funny. It is.

And I only picked four because decisions are hard. Too many vying for spot 5. Carry on.


Darker Than Black: Every star in the new, false sky marks the existence of a Contractor, an individual who lacks what normal people call a conscience and wields a supernatural power that can only be used by paying a ‘price’ (an obsessive compulsion).
Lots of action and intrigue in this show. I loved how they used 2 episodes to tell each of the earlier stories; it was like watching a regular TV drama (roughly 40 minute story).

Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood: Follows the wonderful work of Hiromu Arakawa beautifully.

DuRaRaRa!!: Supernatural and seemingly normal goings on in the town of Ikebukuro. Lots of mystery and fun.

Tokyo Ghoul: I don’t quite know how to summarize this without spoiling anything, so I’ll just suggest you watch for yourself. Great character progression. Not for the squeamish.

Samurai Flamenco: Masayoshi Hazama aspires to be a real life superhero. There are fun times and some seriously dark times throughout this series.


Darker than Black is actually perhaps the one anime that I love whose manga I really dislike. I’m actually rewatching it right now!


The first Darker Than Black manga was meh, but Shikkoku no Hana was like watching the 1st season of the anime. Solid story telling with new, interesting powers.


i cant read manga. it bores me. unless ive watched the anime first and can visulise the characters voices as i read. i like the one piece manga. recently started reading akame ga kill and seven deadly sins to :slight_smile: is darker than black a 1080p anime?


Picked my fifth anime, which actually deserves better than #5. Metropolis. If you haven’t watched this movie, please do. You will cry and you will love it.


If you haven’t already found an answer elsewhere, I think Darker Than Black is available in 1080p somewhere.
Sorry for how late this reply is in coming @MrFantasmic. Threads sometimes slip way down on the list here and I’m usually online with my phone, which is a bit slow at scrolling down to older stuff (and I’m kinda lazy).


I have to go with

  1. Psycho Pass: Easily one of the best series ever created.

  2. Ping Pong the Animation: Praised for really showing that anime doesn’t have to have a cute style

  3. Steins; Gate: Everyone knows why, it was incredible

  4. Full Metal Alchemist: Another powerful story

  5. Durarara: Very powerful character development

Also @tuttman1234 I have to disagree that SAO was extremely well executed, it far to often forgot its characters and the harem in the show was a joke. Also Kirito was way too god damn OP.


Pokémon! Does that count…?