Two Metal Music Videos


Hello to all!

Here is my first music video I did few years ago for a metal band from Serbia. I covered all the aspects from shooting to editing, we had maybe 100$ budget only for transport and food.

And here is the second music video I did for the same band. Again, this was a no budget work.

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Very good for first time productions, especially on a no budget basis.
I can also see write some improvement between the first and second already. Have you made any recently as well? That’d be interesting to compare. If these were as you say a couple of years ago.

What do you yourself think you’ve learned from them?

The thing that bothered me the most snout the first one is that the lighting was a bit inconsistent and the camera movement was very precise and smooth, which didn’t blend well with the actual music and had a different rhythm.

I like that there is more story with the second one, but that more doen to personal preference.

Keep up the good work.