Un memoire de monsieur Reynard (short french impressionist film)


So for film history class I had to make a one and a half minute short film in a film style from before 1945.
I chose French impressionism (1918-1929) and this is the result:

I was assisted with French translations by @Spica.
And the original score was created by @SzPeti42.
Many thanks to them both.


Hey, nice work! I really enjoyed this, and I love that you can follow it even without the text (so it’s adding an extra layer if you do understand it, but it’s not necessary). I think you did a great job of evoking the style too; the subtle jump cuts are a great touch.

I think if you wanted to push it a little further, I’m curious how a subtle bit of vertical wobble on occasion would suggest an old film playing back, where not all the frames are correctly aligned. It’s a bit dodgy though; it could look like garbage and would take a decent amount of labor to manually input :stuck_out_tongue: Similarly, a bit of record crackle and hiss throughout to suggest a vintage recording (and if you really wanted to go all-out, a bit of EQ and compression on the music track) could evoke the era even more, though I don’t know if it’s necessary; sometimes trying too hard to emulate a period feel exactly can become more of a distraction than a benefit.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, and great work @Spica and @SzPeti42 too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the feedback Kevin! Glad you liked it!

You bring up some interesting points about adding more to really get the period feel and there’s one in particular that I’d like to say something about. Adding effects to the music. while it’s certainly a great idea that would have a great effect for the video and believe me I’ve thought about it, I can actually justify it not being used:
This video was of course made to show in the big screen in class. In that period, when there was not yet sound on film, the music would often be played live. So to have it sound old during it’s exhibition would actually have been less genuine. Or at least in my opinion.


To split hairs even further (this is kind of ridiculous - this is not a counter-argument at all :sweat_smile:), they had recorded sound at least as early as 1900 (though it was really limited and probably super janky) and did start popularizing it to some degree for shorts in the mid 1920’s, but like, that’s not the point. It’s as simple as wanting to suggest a live recording or a recorded one and I totally get your decision! I was thinking less about genuine historical accuracy and whether for “feel” it could be an interesting choice to make, whether it’d be likely to be accurate or not, and it’s great to hear you had some thought behind your choice! Those little “small lies” are kind of what making movies is all about I guess, as far as they forward whatever story and mood you’re after :stuck_out_tongue: