Velocity Gaming Montages


My latest project.
Unfortunately, I had to change my final song (due to copyright muting) so all my syncing work for the last third of the video is null and void. I added a link to the video description with the original cut as well if you want to see how I intended to release it. I plan to keep making montages so I’ll be posting when that happens.
Also, I didn’t know whether this post would fit better in the Video Games or the Show & Tell section, so I apologize for any oversight.


Hey, What console did you use?
I would love to play in the same game as yourself, I enjoy gaming both casual and competitive.
I play on Xbox one myself, and would like to think I am quite and easy person to talk to.
If your ever online and would like to chat/play let me know: Xbox gamer tag: smiffy94


Hey Zak, sorry I play on PC but if I get an Xbox I’ll be sure to drop you a request


No worries, great gameplay by the way!
Keep up the good work!


New Montage is up!


Made a Cinematic based around the new Verdun Heights map


When you have jams that smooth you HAVE to share the tracklist! :smiley:


I usually put all my songs in the video description, but here they are for quick access!

Emmy Gatsby - 2 Steps (White Cliffs Remix)
Vicetone - Nevada (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
Anevo - Feel Something (feat. Kayla Diamond)

Luna Shadows - Cry Wolf (Solstis x SANDS Remix)

Ms Mr - All The Things Lost


New Cinematic titled after the mysterious door on Fort Vaux


Collaborated with my buddy on this one. Check him out on SoundCloud, links in the video description.


Kind of experimenting with speed and crop/pan on this one. Let me know what you think!