VFX shots for my sci-fi short film


Hi, I’ve recently started work on my new sci-fi short film and I’d love to hear some feedback about vfx made for this project. It’s still in early phase but if you could point some mistakes or parts that don’t look right I’d be very happy because I want to make it as good as possible.


Very nice. Heavy Blade Runner influence I see. Everything looks great, but if you want me to get real nit-picky, 0:29 just doesn’t seem like he’s in a moving vehicle (maybe the lack of vibrations/movement within?) and the hologram robot thing at 0:45 seems quite out of place with a lack of background interaction. Really impressed!


Thanks a lot. I would try to correct it in the future. And actually I wanted to put action of this short in Blade Runner’s universe but a bit earlier than the movies :wink: Have a nice day :smiley:


All looks really good, until you see Six. Maybe try bringin the opacity down on it? I assume its a hologram. Or better yet use a real person and distort their face and lower opacity maybe. Might be worth trying, plus easier to animate. Good luck


Thanks. I’ve already tried to lower opacity on her and it looks better. :smiley: