VGHS BTS Videos Not Loading


In the VGHS section of for some reason there are various episodes of the BTS that are listed and not loading at all. IF there are not any for that episode that’s one thing but it is listed in the dropdown menu so I’m not too sure, thought I’d right it off as an issue with my computer but it seems to be consistent.



Right you are @Edward_Stryfe! Good catch, and thanks for letting us know. @Danny and I will get it fixed up.


Thanks man that’s awesome good luck to you and Danny with all that :+1:


Alright Season 1 BTS is fixed, but Season 2 BTS seems to have gone for a walk and gotten turned around. We’re trying to track it down, but we may not have luck.


That’s some pretty incredible serivice :smiley: and thanks to you for the update on that.


Alright, well turns out there was a lot to do there. Season 3 was missing all of the BTS (I added it in) and a few commentary episodes, and everything was incorrectly categorized.

We’re still hunting down Season 2 BTS. Will update when we find it.


dude that’s awesome and I know what it’s like having to deal with the back end of that kind of stuff. (I built and ran a BitTorrent tracker for a while which was a mess easy to keep legal hard to keep runing though) I didn’t even know there was BTS for S3 I just thought it was sort of rushed in production since it was the last season and didn’t leave room for BTS. Thanks for doing all you do man I really appreciate it.


Any time, my friend. Hopefully we can track down the rest.


Thanks again man. Really appreciate it (off to marathon the last season side by side to the BTS couldn’t do it without you ;P)


@Edward_Stryfe All three seasons of BTS should be up and available for watching!


Awe man that’s awesome thanks a million man :smiley: :heart:


Our pleasure. Thanks for pointing it out!


No problem I’ll be sure to keep an eye out in case anything else is out of line to keep you plenty busy ;D jkjk