VGHS community short?


Hey how about the community makes a short on VGHS! Or related to it such as a middle school. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Well of course a community short was once attempted, unfortunately not ending up going too far.

Although, if there’s the support around for it, then it could be rebooted. As for a middle school or VGHS inspired short, unless you have an idea in your head already, that’s easier said than done. The story we talked about before was one designed for filiming by multiple people on multiple locations, just so that it would work. It would require more consistent sets/props than the other idea, which could take place anywhere. This is a lot more ambitious for a likely smaller group of people around spread across the globe.

So I hate to be a party pooper, but if a community short is going to ever happen, I think it needs to follow that original path, unless you have it worked out already.


Well first off I see where your coming from! But no one got any where by not getting out there and trying. And, I agree with what you are saying. I think that if we will do this it shall hence forth stick to its title called SHORT, meaning only having it about 15 to 20minutes long ( which is still long ); but the story could always make it easier, depending on what the community wants to make it. Also, yes I know how long it takes to make short films and actual hours of footage I do VFX and editing. So what I am saying is it will be difficult but it depends on how difficult you make it.


OK, so, I’m understanding what you’re saying. I think that the only way this is going to work, is if there is a pre-defined concept. For example, the previous one discussed an idea where a single object is passed through each person’s section of the short. My problem is that a school theme would usually have to take place in a single location (i.e. a school) and unless everyone flies into that one place (bear in mind the community is pretty international), it’s not looking too achievable, unless there is a concept that fits to our needs, which in this case, are the several locations we’re scattered across.

So that brings me to asking you, what did you have in mind originally? A meet-up? Something shot separately? Or something I’ve missed? My lack of confidence may simply be due to the human flaw of not being able to read minds and know what you were imagining! :grin: If not, we’ll see what else we can come up with.


I agree; my idea is to have a contest, the winner who wins the contest is going to VGHS. The main character turns out to be the president of the original series VGHS( forgot his name). That is only just a summary of a main idea. But we just show pictures of the school; we will never show him go there just show that he won.


We will have this at one location. So the community will pick a director. He will tell us what state he lives in and anyone who lives in that area that is in the community have the option to help or be in it.


But if that never comes to be. Then I have truely failed.


Well, the main drawback is that hugely limits who can partake. I don’t think it’s active enough to find a group of people interested on here in that area. And many of us will have to sit back and watch, especially us out of the US.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a group of friends near you willing to do it, that would be awesome. And then via the internet, any scripts or editing can be assisted.


I love this idea, or just the idea of a community short in general. I wish it could happen but (this is just my opinion) I feel like this community is pretty small for this project. lol :slight_smile:


I think it would be possible but only if someone decided to organize it properly.
We already had a few propositions to do a community short, but it was just “we should do that!” and never “we should do that and here’s how”. It always failed.


Any suggestions on how we would do it?
For example, someone to write, someone else to shoot and act, others to edit, do sound, and post?
…I’ll start a sign up sheet if there are enough people who want to get involved.