VGHS Continuity Mistakes/Errors: S1E1


I was bored and decided to rewatch VGHS and well… I created this; a list of all the continuity mistakes in VGHS. This is the first list containing the errors in season 1 episode 1, more coming soon. Soooo… let’s go

P.S: If I missed anything please comment it so I can add it.

Season 1: Episode 1:


  • After the girl was killed she is still on the roof fighting.


  • K-pop is pulling a USB from Brian’s bag, however, when Brain first sees the guys there is no USB attached to his bag.
  • The bag front zipper is now visible and near the center of the bag, however, when Brain first arrived the zipper was at the side and not visable.


  • The sniper that was used earlier is no longer on the roof nor with anyone.


  • The red and white 1337 plane was stationary in the previous shot it was in but now is moving, and even if it started to move since the shot we first see it in then the problem would be the plane moving too fast when we don’t see it.


  • We cut from Brian calling for Cheeto, but in game, he isn’t (for this shot).


  • The player that dies behind Brian gets a death pixel animation but not with a shade applied to it (it’s neutral, not red or blue).


  • The gun that Law had with him (the rifle) isn’t in his hand anymore and isn’t on him.


  • The rifle that the Law was using (that was gone) is now back, attached to his vest.


  • The grenade isn’t facing the same way that the Law placed it on Brian’s head.


  • Brain’s bed isn’t how he left it; his bag is in a different position and the brown pillow is now covered with part if the blanket.