VGHS Fan Instagram


So I know VGHS ended in 2014, but after re-watching it I have found a new passion for what the creators at RocketJump did by creating this web series. I have created an instagram account, where I will post screencaps and discussion posts where the VGHS community can enjoy a good time. I’m also planning on having a spin off story of VGHS. You can find the account at


I am your first follower :smiley:


GRRRRRRRRRR this is shit new season 4 :frowning: and it might be an animated series wtf is wrong with you people?


Calm down mate, there’s not going to be a season 4, but yes there is going to be an animated series. Set in the same universe, with the same cheesy humor but with all new characters (save from some cameos and such like).

It’s going to be another fun show by the same creators. Nothing is being taken away from you, you’re just getting more good stuff if you’re open to it.