VGHS HFR Video Files


Hey RocketJump,

I purchased all 3 seasons of VGHS on Vimeo instead of just watching them for free to help support the awesome work you guys do. I did notice that the HFR episodes you have on the website are not the ones that you get on Vimeo. Is it possible to get access to the HFR files?


you can get season 1 and 2 as HFR from the website

season 3 is not available in HFR, my thread about it HFR (48fps) for VGHS Season 3 has been completely ignored, not a single statement or response from anyone at rocketjump

matt said on reddit that they were going to go back and re-render it at 48

so … from matt’s statement we know they have the footage in 48fps so they could do it, however the lack of updates or any responses to my thread make me very worried, its been more than 3 months already.


I seem to be able to get season 2 in HFR, but season 1 doesn’t seem to have the optioin. Where do I find it?


Matt has made this statement on Reddit

“Its unlikely to happen folks. Very few people watched it, and at this point it would cost a LOT of money to make it happen. We already ended up spending a ton of money in the post work flow to just fix what problems were caused by HFR.
Maybe… maybe one day.”


Sorry i meant Season 1 and 2 can be obtained from the website. Season 2 is availiable in 24/48 hybrid HFR. Season 3 was planned for HFR but they bailed on us.