VGHS Indiegogo Swag And Other VGHS Goodies!


Bringing back this classic thread post all of your VGHS Gear wants and all the VGHS Indiegogo perks and we can all appreciate them together!


VGHS Battlefield Platoon

I want a VGHS lanyard!


This year can’t end without me with some VGHS t-shirts…


You and me both BUT I NEED A ID FIRST!


Ill get a lanyard but my VGHS ID on it and send you a picture. You can then photoshop a picture of you and my lanyard and ID and put it together so it can look like you have one too!


Haha Jake HAHAHA I will get one



The varsity jackets are pretty nifty.


Is it possible to have too much swag? I may be in that boat…


There can never be too much RocketJump swag! Care to post pics? :slight_smile:


I will take a pic of every piece of VGHS SWAG I have right now brb haha the obession is real!


hahaha nice Kev thats a pretty sweet collection you got


Oh yeah It’s kinda sad LETS SEE IF ANYONE CAN TOP ME!

Please someone do so I don’t feel like a complete dork :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have everything yet, I had some of it sent to my parents house because I’m currently stationed in Italy so I don’t want it shipped here before I leave…

This shirt I have is from when they still did the gamertag on the back so I put my Cod4 handle raov.velocity

And my Id has Nic “velocity” Crouse which is what I submitted for the credits.

Pretty much anything I don’t have yet is the Season 3 Indiegogo stuff:
Razer mat, signed prop, 1-3 collectors blu-ray, signed campaign poster, shirt, board game, yearbook, script book, and the season 3 poster.


Nice dude! there’s is one item there that I’m really jealous that you have! haha


Kev losing to the ever elusive VGHS ID card haha


You’re on @Kevin_Nguyen


You know it Jake ugh!!! Can’t forget about these two!

I also have a S3 Lootcrate coming and the free goodie bag!


Oh wow @velocity, that is quite a bit of swag you’ve got there. Especially cool headphones :slight_smile:


Oh the ID?
I think my favorite is the poster I have, wish it could have been signed by more of the cast as well but its still fantastic.


Thanks friend! Might as well nerd it up once in a while