VGHS Indiegogo Swag And Other VGHS Goodies!


I got the shotbot sticker too when I got my VGHS hoodie. I also have an ID card(sorry Kev)


Agreed I’m totally going out of my way to get white Astro A40’s and get my custom tags to have them look like they did in S2

Side note: why did Astro not provide headphones this season I saw that they were still a sponsor


JAKE I KNOW at this point I would have known 3 times over! -_-


Hey you asked what VGHS swag we have and I was just answering. I also have a poster and hat both signed by Freddie


But you know I know you have one! haha

And pictures!

Also have a VGHS Phone case haha


That awesome Rocketjump decal…

Someday i’m going to show off my VGHS and RJ swag u_u


One day buddy one day :frowning:




Very nice Ty!

AND VERY JEALOUS! :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh. Sorry Kev.
The I.D. is very nice, but it seems they left out the last name of Sel’ryam I’d entered in the survey. Still fantastic.


It’s all good dude haha we can’t have everything hehe

And if you contact them you could probably get help with it!


Well, I know I updated my survey at least once to change the Yearbook photo I’d submitted, so I’m starting to think I may have absently removed the last name myself, and kept the wrong confirmation e-mail in my Records folder.
Eh, it’s no big deal either way. I remember mentioning somewhere before about being lazy about some things. This is one of those things. Besides, this I.D. rocks.


I would like to ask the question if VGHS and Napalm Patches will be available at some point to buy of the rocket jump shop at some point.


That would be cool but you would have to ask Danny or Lauren haha


Lol, im new to posting here, how would i sent a message to one of them?


To who?

Why did you choose here of all places :stuck_out_tongue:


I posted these pics this morning to VGHS’ Twitter…

Just wish I had some apparel, mousepad and White Astros!


Opening up an old thread… but who signed the poster? Did the cast actually sign it this year? My season 2 poster only had the signatures of the creators. Not bad, but getting a signature of Jimmy, Josh, Johanna or Ellery would be awesome :smiley:


mother of god that’s amzing haha my sitcker on my mac book is so messed up haha


Thanks Kevin! HAHA! Yeah, I did it Saturday morning! I cut them very carefully with scissors. I had an exacto but couldn’t find it. Placing in the centre of that block was tricky but was happy with the outcome! :smile: