VGHS Indiegogo Swag And Other VGHS Goodies!


I was a dummy and put the whole sticker on without cutting it and I was confused and on the 4th try it was all sorts of bent up haha


@Lauren or @Jamie_Lukaszewski do either of you know how much it was to produce those VGHS patches?


I really want a Napalm College jacket. And a VGHS ID Card would be cool…
I hope they will sell them e,e


Can anyone tell me when the board games are going to be shipped? Really can’t wait for it! So excited!


I’ll post all my shiz the minute I have it all here (just ordered some more :stuck_out_tongue:)
Real jealous of all the cool loot you all got!



Some time in December! :blush:


It would be sweet if it came before the holidays! I don’t like playing games much but I’d play this the whole time! I guess when it’s all about the game I’ll just have to play :smiley:


Yes December next year… which seems like quite a long long loooong time to wait

We are as anxious to get you your goods as you are! With that said, most items can not be released until Season 3 has aired. The estimated delivery date on all items is December 2015.

Taken from Confirm your pledge info for Video Game High School - VGHS Season 3 email

Also do any from Rocketjump care to comment on that? if we really have to wait over a year on it?


Some people are already receiving items and I’m sure the folks at Rocketjump are working as hard as they can to get your items produced and shipped to you


Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I hope everybody is enjoying this time with fams and friends and loved ones!!! Two of my family friends chipped in to get me some Astro A40s!!! SO ECSTATIC!!! Now to make some VGHS tags! Wish they were white tho to match my PS4. Oh well…


Ah they’re the Gen 2’s


They sure are! I’m thinking of custom painting them with a airbrush and hand painting skills!


Dooooooo itttttttttttttt haha


totally will!!! Might do an upgrade design with an explosion of pixels for 2015. I’ll upload concepts when done!


How do I get an lanyard to go with my ID?


How do I get one?


You’d have to buy your own my friend


But where? I’ve looked for a lanyard to go with my ID and I can’t find one to buy anywhere.


Lanyards shouldn’t be that difficult to find. You can find them almost anywhere