VGHS Indiegogo Swag And Other VGHS Goodies!


If you find yourself with some free time, do you think you could find one for me? I know RocketJump dosent have one, and I’ve already checked some mainstream sights like eBay and Amazon, and I cannot find one. If you do, please, tell me if you find one, it’d me much ablidged.


I’m sure you could find one at your local sporting goods store!


Oh man, I should’ve been more specific with you, I meant a VGHS lanyard!!! Whoops haha


I was getting that vibe haha. As of this moment one does not exist.


You can never have to much merchandise (or swag)!

Neat to see some of your collections. Makes me a bit jealous since I never had a chance to get those items.


Quite a lot of the stuff you see above is still on the RJ store. There’s a fine collection of clothing, mugs, DVDs, posters etc.