VGHS - my ending


I’ve only recently discovered VGHS and I hate how season 3 ended. Are Brian and Jenny still together? Is Brian still at VGHS even though he said he had to go back to normal school? What happened to Law? Does Jenny come back and visit? I hope the answers I’m looking for are the ones I hope they will be…I just can’t believe there won’t be a season 4 !!! :triumph::weary:

In my eyes Jenny and Brian are still together, Jenny still visits, Brian is still at VGHS and captain of the JV team, the Law has graduated also Ki and Ted are still together


I actually think that vghs ended great. It just ends showing that brian, ted, and ki are going to have a fun summer before the next school year. The Law’s future wasn’t mentioned but hes THE LAW and he’s got THE NEW LAW with him. What can’t they do? :grinning:


Yeah but like what happened with Brian and Jenny no one knows that’s why I created my ending


Just putting this out there, as it might help you.


Thanks for that I have read them and they have given me so much to think about