Episode 6 has been released for the weekly release-ers :slight_smile: Let’s talk about the end.

Here’s episode 6, for those who haven’t seen it:

How bittersweet. What worked for you in the finale, what didn’t?

End of season 3?
VGHS Battlefield Platoon
Unbelievable ... Really

RJ, thank you for this amazing series. The series stops, the community never will!


“Wait in the car, Brian. WAIT. IN. THE. CAR.”

Oh man Law was great in this ep, so glad he was in the finale :slight_smile:

EDIT: That hair truce though! Seriously. Law is the best.



Ok, I have a question. Anyone now who the guy is who’s talking to the Law at the game store? He looks sooooooo familiar.


I’m a bit confused with Brian’s side of the series finale. I know Calhoun hands Brian a mop at the end, and that implies Brian is going to continue being a VGHS janitor to pay off his tuition, while attending the school. However after the flash forward, Brian is racing home like he’s coming back from his regular school in season 1.

So my question is, did Brian get back into VGHS or is he attending a regular school again?


what a great ending of the series i love it, but its so sad it ended :’(
i will never forget the trills, the slaughter, the cries, the good and bad times, the love and boven all the adventure VGHS gave me please don’t quit this show its the best (and the only reason i watch rocketjump)
i actually watched the credits because i didn’t want it too end.


That’s Devin Faraci, the guy from the Badass Digest!


[quote=“CowboyMage, post:5, topic:734”]
did Brian get back into VGHS or is he attending a regular school again?
[/quote]I think it’s summer break.


All in all a good ending… but that does not mean I can’t hate the fact that it’s over and ended just a little bit on a sad note… I know that’s more realistic and it makes it a better show but it’s so sad!

So sad, and happy, exciting! Action packedness of glory! Then saddness…

Can’t wait to see what RocketJump has in store with Dimension 404!

It was cool to see so many kinds of games come together in Field Of Fire, and Calhoun playing!(why didn’t he graduate?) Jenny’s last sniper shot! Ted’s game death! Ki’s SKILLS! Brian’s victory button press! It was just great… I’ll miss it. So many feels were felt and I bet you feel the same. Let Us Always Remember,



OMG… The feels when Ted has that flashback with his dad…


I just have to mentio the film-production failuer at 40 min. where the scarf of Ki Swan suddenly disappeared and in the next scene reappeared :wink:

It s a great serie tough (Y) , i will miss awaiting some new episodes of this amazing team (rocketjump)


The end is upon us. The end of our most loved series… VGHS.
Its a shame it ended but do not forget, VGHS united us as 1 banner, and from now on if somebody is in need of help it doesn’t matter who you are or what you play we will come to your aid.


Dont Stop with VGHS like that. U cant let there such an open end. Come on. Thats not fair for the Viewers. We waitet seriously so long for all of that. And now there is no end with Jennie and Brian? Nothing about Brians future? That Final Episode sucks. (its great but the end sucks to hard for my little heart) I love VGHS but dont stop like that. Please.


The show can’t have such open ending, please guys make more, brian should have been called to play in the panthers too by the way, he was the MVP in the match i believe, he killed dudes with a fucking briefcase, i aways tough he wasn’t recognized as the amazing player he is through the show

Ah, so here it is. The End

I’m actually really satisfied with the ending. I think everything wrapped up well – high school is high school, some friendships and relationships last, some don’t, and life moves on.


Guys, lets take a moment too look back where we were when we first watched the first episode, and look where we are now. After it was over, I realized one of the main points was maturing evenly, not too slow, like Brian, but not to fast, like Ted. Brian’s acceptance of Jenny leaving was a great point of that. Anybody have any maturing stories influenced by Video Game High School?


Yeah, you’re right, stuff doesn’t last forever, specially when you are a teenager, but the ending left a sad feeling, more than it should for the series i believe, and i still thibk more should be done since most people want it, but it’s just my opinion


I like that it’s a bit sad! I feel like the audience feels the same way that Brian does at the end of the episode. He looks back at his time with Jenny and at VGHS with a bit of sadness because it’s over, but is still happy that he experienced it. I think a twinge of sadness fits the ending really well. It would have felt too contrived if the ending were all sunshine and rainbows, because that’s not how life is.


An open ending is always what works out best. Although we would all love to see more, there is no perfect ending, and in life it’s not always about a happy ever after.

Jenny did what she had to do she followed the motto: It’s all about the game.

Even so though she did have remorse (although a bit of a longer epilogue would have been great), she does have a powerful connection with Brian. Still though Brian Ted and Ki are still friends, and in our minds we know their adventure will keep going.

This series truly was amazing, with a powerful ending, truly a job well done.


This episode was the best. It ended the series perfectly, tied up loose ends and over all was perfect. There are no words to describe what I am feeling right now. VGHS was a perfect escape from life and now it’s over but we will still remember and be able to rewatch all of it for the rest of time. I can’t wait to see what RocketJump has instore for us next. Freddie, Matt, and everyone who worked on VGHS I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I just died inside… I can’t do anything… I don’t want to do anything right now… I don’t even know anymore… But that was the best show I have EVER watched… Being in High School, being able to RELATE to that, it was just the best feeling ever. And now for it to end to me, is just sad…