Yeah, it is sad… I take comfort in knowing that I can marathon all three seasons now, whenever I want :smiley:


The word I’ll use to describe the finale is ‘Bittersweet’.


Man, after 3 long years, VGHS is finally done, i’ mot sure what im going to do with my life now…
Maybe i’ll make something to celebrate it.
(also, Jake, you kicked ass in this episode, 10 points for being awesome!)


I know thanks Doc I am awesome! also just want to say I have been specifically not posting a lot so I can talk all about VGHS in the upcoming stream! :smiley:


It was indeed nice to see the Emperor fight well on the Field of Fire. Nicely done, brother!


hey I don’t think VGHS is over for Brian
Everything else… agreed.


a good point of view, the audience really feels the same way as Brian, but i think he is just in vacation, he is still at VGHS by logic


The year at least is over for Brian, and high school will be over for Brian eventually :wink:


Yeah thats true but I think we don’t have to wait long until we find some fanmade story’s based arround VGHS :smiley:

For example: The story of the console peasants that are left in the dark for 3 years and are planning to take over VGHS after a failed attempt 5 years ago when the law personally stopped the console peasants single handedly, but now they are back from the deeps of the basement (Not to be confused by the sub-basement where the casual gamers hang out)
to try and take back the school and make it and console paradise… whit lots of 10 year olds screeming at there Call of Duty.


Very good way to end a series. I really liked the scene where Ted sees himself being pushed by Freddie as a child–which hints that Freddie might’ve not have been 100% bad after all. They ended fairly well, and I liked how the Law finally learned to come to terms with someone and treat them as an equal. And the hissy fit as the end was, for some reason, kinda awesome.

I liked the bittersweet ending. I wish we could’ve heard one last conversation between Jenny and Brian. But I’m glad that he’s still friends with Ted and Ki.

Overall, the series is quite impressive as a whole. Just think about all the characters evolved, how the production looked better and better, how RocketJump learned more about filmmaking–and of course, all the AWESOME action and EXPLOSIONS IN THIS SERIES!!! Classic RocketJump.

It was an awesome journey. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.


Such an amazing end! Loved that they brought back The Law with his N64 controller.

Beyond the obvious fact that they would never have won against a real world FPS pro team, did anybody count the kills VGHS got? I feel like they killed the entire Napalm team and then some more!


So sad it ended. But all good things must come to an end. At least the ending relived all the good times the gang had together and came full circle.


I heard someone say 56 out of 32 Napalm players were killed :stuck_out_tongue:
might have to check though


That’s SO weird I counted as well and although I could not figure out the EXACT number it was actually in that range XD!


I would have to say as others have said that this ending is very bittersweet. I think that it was a very realistic ending for something like high school but it was too abrupt. Brian’s life will still go on and all of his problems wouldn’t just disappear as they did in the ending. Although that final battle had me shivering of excitement the entire time because it perfectly portrayed the entire series in a matter of 30-40 minutes, it just wasn’t enough somehow. Everyone is saying that they are excited to see what RocketJump will do next but I am not. I simply can’t think about only having 3 seasons of the best show I’ve seen in my life, that isn’t an exaggeration, the acting and story of this show are just, perfect. And anything RocketJump ever does just won’t amount to what this series is. I will honestly carry it with me for the rest of my life.

I believe the best thing for me to say is, GG BrianD

…nope. it’s worse now


It sucks that it’s over, but what if the next RocketJump project is even better? With more characters you fall in love with? I have faith that more quality content is yet to come. :slight_smile:


Yeah just look at the plus side things will only get better from here!


Especially because Dimension 404 seems to be such a different format from VGHS, it’s exiting to see a team we know and love take on some previously uncharted territory in film making (also, i love the twilight zone, so it sounds like fun to me).


But… how could one love someone more than Johanna and Ellary?


I suppose we’ll find out! :smile: