I’m excited for their next project. Hopefully it will fill the now empty void that VGHS has left in my heart. As someone in high school I have to say the ending is really realistic(well as realistic as it can be for a video game high school). Some of my friends graduated last year and the endings were abrupt. One week your talking to them, the next they are 100’s of miles away to college. Brian and Jenny’s goodbye was accurate to the stage that they were at in life.


Definitely a bitter sweet episode. I am glad it ended where it all started! I am somewhat glad that Jenny went off to play FPS because it helps with the fact that Jenny and Brian getting back together’s anticlimacticness. All together great episode and great series! Thank you Rocket Jump for entertaining us with this awesome story for three seasons!


The commentary is great! They got the whole office to participate.


It’s sort of difficult understanding what is being said at times (especially if english isn’t your first language), but it’s just such a blast watching along with these guys!
Not to mention all the cool bts-information; things that weren’t used scenewise or scriptwise.
Man, I love commentaries! :heart:


They are going to do multiple commentaries with tons of different people. I can’t wait. I really want them to do one with Josh, Johanna, Jimmy, and Ellary. It would make my day!


I watched the first episode of vghs when it came out two years ago and thought it was awesome! But I forgot about it up until about two weeks ago when I rediscovered it. I ended up watching all three seasons in about three days and I almost cried when it ended (didn’t cry because I’m a man), it was that good. It felt to me like lord of the rings, star wars, harry potter, and firefly all put together I spent the next week contemplating life. I am a senior in high school in post falls, sadly not a video gaming high school :frowning: , and I have just signed a four year contract with the United States Marine Corps . I ship out for boot camp some time in August. My biggest hope would be the while I’m in that I forget all about vghs and rediscover it one day and ,maybe find that there have been new seasons made. Maybe then I would remember what I’m writing now ,as a kid who loves video games and actually cry.



This is the greatest series I have ever seen. Every emotion that the series portrays, is exactly like that of your average teen. I felt every heartbreak, every failure, every happy moment.I felt that I could connect to every single character at some point or another. It pains me to know that this is done, but I honestly will never forget VGHS. And is Johanna Braddy related to anything with Elsa from Frozen?


I do not believe so!


I could have sworn I have seen some sort of live action video or cosplay that looked exactly like her. Oh well, she was still fantastic in this series.


I think you should’ve had a last episode with less questions. I had a lot of questions such as what happened with Jenny and Brian D and there relationship. Are they now just done, do they have a long distance relationship or have they broke up. You should’ve done better. Other then that though it is a a great ending and a lovely journey. I figured out like 2 days ago that Johanna Braddy and Josh Blaylock are actually married. I’m happy for them. It must’ve been weird and fun working with your soulmate. I mean physical attraction would be easy but to be mad at each other when not would be weird:). Some of the comments they said in the show was also coincide with marriage and it was weird. Anyways it was a good time hopefully there’s more VGHS.


So, it was announced that the series would stop for different reasons but there will be an animated version of the vghs universe right?

Arent u guys afraid that it will destroy the strong serie as how it was? I mean that it was such a succes, was mostly because of the characters making it so real by bringing the story very good with their emotions which will never be so well translated with animations ( i know that animated must not be underrated but the actors brought the magic into thè series). And the serie was so good because the games were brought to life, with animations u just can’t bring those strong parts of the current serie to the animated series. Is there anything u can tell us about how ure going to bring the animated version and the current version togheter without changing the whole magic of the vghs universe and idea of the current series?

I hope some admin or founder can answer my questions

sorry for my english which is not of very high level, i wanna Thank u for the great serie i loved it and i hope u guys of rocketjump can evolve into an even more awesome rocketjump!

Greetings from simon


Just finished watching season 3 and wasn’t sure if Brian and Jenny are still together, if you know please answer :slight_smile:


yea they totally !.. wait… ummm… did she go to the new school still
? no i dont think so… yea… yea they have GOT to still be together


i really hope they are xD


yea man, think I might have to go back and rewatch a couple when I get time. im gonna get another sucker punch right in the feels D;

but its alright :sunny: :smile: :sunny:


ill probably do just that :slight_smile:


I don’t think they are together. Brian made the very adult choice of letting her go. It was a high school relationship and both of the characters realized this. It is sad and painfull but it is just like life.
BTW if it makes you feel better Johanna Braddy(Jenny) and Josh Blaylock(Brian) are married in really life. That always makes me smile.


When I saw it was the series finale, I was so sad. I absolutley adore this show. All the tropes! So, I started rewatching the series and the behind the scenes, podcasts, and episode commentary. Hilarious and definitely worth my time. And it’s just fun to see everyone out of character.


I totally agree, bts stuff is so wonderful! It helps ease the awwwww-I-can’t-believe-it’s-over feelings :slight_smile:


I know!! I’m so glad it exists! And the best part about the show is that I can rewatch it as many times as I want and not get sick of it.