I thought about this for a bit, and to be honest i think its sort of an open ending and its really up to you :slight_smile:


these posts by Matthew “our hero and savior” Arnold on the ending have been posted before, but I think they are great and if you are still a little questiony about the end you should definitely read them:



It’s true everyone gets what they want! :smiley: including Ted (my fave character) :slight_smile: and overall the ending was spot on!


One of the best moments from season 3 was the little girl with the flower trope!


I was really hoping for a better ending. The entire series is absolutely amazing, with funny, sad and downright badass moments, but that ending. That ending is the only black stain on this otherwise fantastic series. It’s even more sad that it’s the series finale, as now there is no chance of that horrible ending being rectified. Well, it was fun watching VGHS, but if you don’t mind, I’m just going to forget that ending ever happened, so I can at least watch and enjoy this series for years to come. That ending doesn’t exist.


Do not get me wrong, I love VDHS and donated whenever I could , but the end was equal to the last episode of Lost. It could have been much better , disappointed.


If they decide they might want to continue i will totally donate on kickstarter


i want to know what happened with Bryan and Jenny because in the end there is nothing about there relasionship


I fully agree with you, Rocket Jump could have done a much better job with the season finale. At least the action was legendary.


Truth, that last battle was very satisfying


I’m going to deeply miss the series


The commentary is wrong about Brian’s K/D, and it really suckes. Not even the creative minds give Brian’s skill the respect it deserves. If you look at his stats he performs at the same level as Jenny in Season 2, and consistently better than her in Season 3. His KD is worse, but only because of his deaths to The Law in Season 1. He also has a higher kill count than ANYONE on the show. I think Brian deserves a lot more credit than he ever got. He was the best player on the team by the end of Season 3, and the margin wasn’t all that small before then.


I am way late on this. But i just seen vghs and watched all 3 seasons wich was only 17 episodes i believe. In 2 days. Now I don’t really like how it ended. I was all for Jenny and Brian when we first seen them meet. And now the cliff hanger. Will Jenny ever come back? How good of a dk will Ted be? And ki. Well she’s still a mysteryh.


Hey! I was just wondering where you found out that they were married because I’ve heard rumors but I haven’t been able to find any actual evidence. Did you find something cool?


google “johanna braddy married” and you should have all your answers, also there is a commentary from the writers/directors of vghs where they also talk about how amazing Josh and Johanna are, how they are married now and how they met for the show.


Awesome! Where could I find that?


oh wait, I don’t know if it’s on youtube, I know it from the bonus content from the blu-ray. But I found you this and if you search a little bit on youtube yourself you might find some more:


Oh sweet I love this vid. Thank you so much. So there is extra stuff only found on the dvd version? @Jasper_Cloud


I think so yes. for season 1&2 anyways, I have not viewed the special contents of s3 yet. there are commentaries for the entire seasons from the directors, writers, actors. It’s great definitely worth getting a real copy of the show if you loved it


Sweet okay. I will definitely check it out