VGHS Season 4


How about RocketJump make VGHS S4 I will literally pay to watch another series it’s so so good and I know I’m like a couple years late on this and I know you ended it how you wanted but like I said everyone who has seen it wants more none of that animated stuff OG characters I want to see brian and Ted playing video games in their dorm all night long eating pizza joking laughing but I’m never going to see that again because you are making an animated version it’s not the same :frowning:


Woah! has anyone ever suggested this before?


I know it has ofc :expressionless:



I don’t see why you would stop doing them even in the current state of YouTube you would still get a ton of money.


I can’t believe you guys are taking no for an answer


On one hand, that’s not necessarily true. While VGHS was a sort of filmmaking miracle in terms of how little it was made for, another season would still easily be in the seven figures range. While it might be possible with significant financial support from a party like YouTube, it actually probably wouldn’t be a huge cash cow, at least with the YouTube distribution system.

Which is kind of the second point - the series led up to an intended ending, and continuing it further would just be “for the money.” While there’s passion for going into new territory with the animated series (I’ve read a draft of the first episode, and it’s awesome), I feel like more live-action VGHS from the same team would start to take on the bad aspects of “too many sequels.” There’s also some other realistic challenges, like actors moving on to other projects, and actors looking less and less like they could be in high school :sweat_smile:

It’s awesome you want to see more stories from the same universe, with the same characters - I feel like that’s how a good ending should leave you feeling, honestly.


I just want to see more😣


As Kevin said, we ended the show after three seasons intentionally. Going to close the thread!