Video game highschool season4


Hello i watched vghs and really loved it and… Ihad an idea!!
Why don’t yiu make vghs 4??people would lve it (i would) and i dont want yhe show to end with s3 i mean come on whats that ending at least let bryand have sex!!!

So i know writing is hard but thankfully i already have things figured out!!
Season 4 is about the school has a new class its fortnite ckass and bryan and friends are like pff fortnite game for babies and the fortnite player troll them and after that there is a fight in a svhool (need find why) and its a battle royal only one one wins

Thats my idea i gice it for free just put my name in the creidts (also you can hire mento write it with you if tou want)

Please make it or i unsubscribe :sob: