Warp stabilizer problem


Hi there,

I just shot a test video with a friend using only the warp stabilizer effect from premiere pro.
What do you think of the footage/quality?
Any tips on using the warp stabilizer


Try to not need it, use it in small measures to improve already good footage. Tests looked pretty nice on mobile (I imagine there are some warp stabilizer artifacts but they’re not very obvious on the small screen)


Overall it looks pretty good, though you are getting a little bit of “swimming” in the image from the warp stabilizer, though I don’t think it’d be very noticeable to most people unless they’re looking for it, in the context of an actual film. I think the test was pretty successful! As you’re likely aware, the main thing is you’ll want to shoot wider than you’ll need (and preferably at a higher resolution) since the warp stabilizer will require a bit of a crop-in.

Other than that, Jasper pretty much nailed it - the warp stabilizer is a great tool, but it’s not a “constructive” tool per-se, in that it doesn’t create a good result by seamlessly adding onto your footage. It’s a band-aid tool that can help reduce or correct problems, but ultimately it’s a “destructive” tool in that there’s always a cost to using it (a bit of a required punch-in, and some unavoidable image distortion depending on how strongly the effect is applied). So if you keep that in mind when you shoot, and prepare your framing for that inevitable “lossy” factor, you should be in good shape!


I always use a tripod for my films. Most of the shots are pretty steady but they are never as steady as glidecam footage.
I really want to make a film with smooth shots. Do you mabye know a cheap alternative for a glidecam?
Thanks for the feeback!


have a look at this, might be worth giving a try. See if you can get away with maybe like 5-10 percent warp stabilizer.