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Hmm… this is ultimately your decision. I would advise to make/act in a couple films first to even see if you have a passion for making/acting in future projects.

And yes, it is every director and actor’s dream to get big. It really is. Some people for the fame, some people just because they want to benefit the acting/directing community. BUT remember, I would advise for you to practice practice practice. Though I am still an amateur, I do have experience. And nothing makes your film/acting capabilities better than practicing. Sure you may think you’re good enough… you’ve been the lead in school plays. BUT still practice.

So if you want to get involved with a web series, either look around for an open one and audition for it! If there aren’t any… why not get a bunch of friends and make it yourselves? So remember, don’t worry about getting into Hollywood. Worry about getting better and better. Then worry about getting famous.
Good luck and have fun!


Thanks! One more question: not to sound dumb but how do I really “look” for web series in my area? I live in Minnesota and I don’t really feel like there’s a big youtube community around here :).
Once Again, Thank You So Much!


Have a look on Facebook. Most cities and towns will have some kind of a film community, and there are typically Facebook groups built around them to put people in contact with eachother, and there’s always constant casting calls placed out on them. If any universities around you have a film school, I can guarantee you they will be needing cast and crew for their student productions, and it’s a great way to earn experience and get your name spread around up and coming filmmakers.


Awesome Thanks! That’s super cool! I’ll definitely use that advice!


I just had my first directing experience last month. And I find it hard to let my team visualize what I was trying to create. I always end up telling to them through drawings or sometimes, me, trying to act it out for them. Any tips on how to, as a director, communicate to my team?


How do you break down a script? Do you always create a storyboard? How detailed should the storyboard be?


Going to see if some of the RJ directors can answer your questions in more detail but RJFS will be releasing videos specifically about breaking down scripts and storyboarding!


Awesome! I’ll be looking forward to the videos! Thanks!


what is the main thing you want to see from actors and there acting


as a sought of comedy director matt what is the sought of acting do you want to see to make them funny


Why do some directors focus one specific area verse the rest. Like Zack Snyder focus on look while others focus on characters or story.


Hi iam a a very new director/actor/story writer and I’m wondering how can you get your actors to be motivated into what they are doing


Be fun, have snacks, be really excited about your script, be a leader, and don’t be a dick.


The director has the vision for the final product and controls the process. The vision is as important as communicating that vision to the department heads. Therefore preparation with key department heads and the actors has to be conveyed prior to actual production. Everyone needs to understand how the final product should look. Having a good AD and skilled departments heads takes a considerable burden from the director and insures a quality product.

The director while having a creative vision has the responsibility to insure the process moves on a schedule. I remember hearing this axiom and I will paraphrase as best I can remember. “The problem with movies as a business is that it’s an art and the problem with movies as an art is that it is a business.” I am unsure who said these words but I believe they hold true. Staying on time and budget permits the vision to become a reality. The best example of failing to perform the business aspect may be “Heaven’s Gate”.

To summarize the director must communicate the vision and navigate everyone through the process. Remembering that some compromises to the vision are required to stay on time and budget.


I am a student at the Wolcott school and I am thinking of doing something with filming. I am currently in a media studies class making a music video. However, the people that are acting for me do not want to do what I ask them. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for getting them on track or helping me in some way?


What does that mean exactly ? Are they trying to have control on everything ?

The problem is maybe coming from you even if you are doing everything as you think you should. Maybe watch those two videos from RJFS

they could help (even if it don’t solve your problem you’ll learn, great !).

Anyway try being more specific about your problem as “actors not listening” can represent a wide range of different problems.


you need to be very clear what you want them to do, and you need to explain it well, explain your vision, guide the actor through what you want to see with them, collaborate with them, and number one thing is don’t say the lines for them, give them reasoning behind it. Also, don’t act like a dick, and first and foremost, find people who are willing to listen!

Hope that helped.


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can a director also be a DOP?